Breakfast Bliss

Sir Beads and I have always enjoyed an occasional breakfast at a restaurant.

Now that he’s retired, we’re going to make it a regular thing –

but maybe not more than once a week!


Let me explain . . .

We decided it would be fun to try something different, so we did a little research and found a café we’d never visited before. The reviews were so positive; we could hardly wait to go!

“How was it?”, you ask?

Well, all I can say is “wow”! We were not disappointed. In fact, it was the best breakfast-out we’ve ever had. 🙂

Home fries to die for, fluffy scrambled eggs, perfectly crisp bacon, and marble wheat toast!

Light-as-a-feather pancakes with special maple syrup, too!

(Don’t worry; we scooped 80% of that butter off the pancakes before it could melt. No sense in clogging the old arteries entirely!

I think you can see why we’re only going once a week, though. 😉


Do you enjoy an occasional breakfast out?



The Thaw is Over

Remember that warm spell I mentioned earlier in the week?

It disappeared in a heartbeat! 😮

The weekend’s almost here and I think our plans will be pretty low-key.

When the thermometer reads like this . . .


And the view out the window is this . . .


It’s best to spend the weekend close to this . . .


And maybe do a little of this . . .


Wishing you a very cozy weekend with a generous sprinkle of fun! 😀


See you Monday for a new giveaway and a new question!


July Jaunt

Last Thursday we took a day trip.

Although initially cloudy, the weather brightened!

It was sunny – but not too warm – perfect for sightseeing.

We got a fairly early start (considering it was a vacation day), picked up my parents along the way, and then set off on a drive to the southern coast of Rhode Island.


There’s something wonderful about a day with milky blue skies and a carefree schedule. Because we live on the east coast, we feel an innate connection to the ocean. It’s mesmerizing, thought provoking, peaceful, and of course majestic.


We arrived at Point Judith around lunchtime. The lighthouse is a breathtaking sight against the horizon.



Along the shore, we collected colorful beach stones that had been polished smooth from the continual rise and fall of the tide. Afterwards, we all agreed that we’d worked up an appetite. 🙂

Lunch was a regional favorite – clam chowder with clam cakes!



We had a leisurely meal and then, feeling newly fortified, we were back on the road again.

Next stop was the birthplace of artist, Gilbert Stuart, who painted the portraits of six American presidents including George Washington.


On a drive through Rhode Island, there’s such a variety of things to see along the way.

There are boats . . .


And hydrangeas – lots of hydrangeas!


And animals grazing. . . We saw llamas, horses, a Shetland pony, a burrow, and cows – all in the same pasture!


One final scene . . . a picturesque cove.


After a full day, it was time to head home, but with fond memories of our “jaunt in July”! 🙂

(Special thanks to Dad for the photos he contributed!)


Short But Sweet

vacationsummerThe sound you hear is me weeping.

Vacation is over! 🙁

Well, for now anyway. But it was fun.

Some of you may remember that this was a one-week “staycation”. We stayed home and enjoyed the fact that our calendar was pretty clear.calendar

We had a couple of nice meals out.

We were able to cross a few things off of the endless “to do” list.

We spent some quality time with family.

And we had a lovely day-trip. I have some good photos from that day and will blog about it soon!

So, now we feel refreshed and recharged! 🙂

It was a great week – just way too short!

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean . . .


Something Good . . .


Remember in The Sound of Music when Maria and the Captain finally verbalize their love for each other?

Maria begins to sing Something Good, a song that expresses how lucky she feels that everything is falling into place. She decides that it has happened because . . .

gclef… somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.

I have a similar sentiment when I think about how lucky I am to have Sir Beads-A-Lot in my life!

Somewhere along the line, I also must have done something good.

May I present Exhibit A?


Doesn’t it look delicious?

kitchenutensilsAlmost every weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday, he makes omelettes for our breakfast. He truly is the omelette king. I don’t even try to compete with the light fluffy perfection that he creates with eggs, cheese, and a few other assorted ingredients.

The photo above was taken last weekend. As soon as he flipped the omelette onto my plate, it looked so perfect that I said:

“I must have a picture of this!”

spatula He just laughed.

“No, I mean it!” I said as I dashed off to get the camera.

I can testify that it was every bit as good as it looks!

By the way . . .

Am I the only one who’s hungry, now? 😉