Breakfast Bliss

Sir Beads and I have always enjoyed an occasional breakfast at a restaurant.

Now that he’s retired, we’re going to make it a regular thing –

but maybe not more than once a week!


Let me explain . . .

We decided it would be fun to try something different, so we did a little research and found a café we’d never visited before. The reviews were so positive; we could hardly wait to go!

“How was it?”, you ask?

Well, all I can say is “wow”! We were not disappointed. In fact, it was the best breakfast-out we’ve ever had. 🙂

Home fries to die for, fluffy scrambled eggs, perfectly crisp bacon, and marble wheat toast!

Light-as-a-feather pancakes with special maple syrup, too!

(Don’t worry; we scooped 80% of that butter off the pancakes before it could melt. No sense in clogging the old arteries entirely!

I think you can see why we’re only going once a week, though. 😉


Do you enjoy an occasional breakfast out?




Breakfast Bliss — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, we have our fav..Cock-a-doodle Cafe. One of those little hometown diners where everybody knows your name. We have been going there for about 20 years for breakfast about once a week and fish on Fridays. Corey loves to go with us, but not so much Ky. He likes Papa’s scrabbled eggs the best and usually stays home if Papa makes him some before we go. We eat out pretty often if its just Terry and I. But the cost of gas has cut the number of times we can eat out as a family. Just the cost of drinks adds $12.00 to our bill. Elkhart tap water is Yuck, so its hard to drink it. We have filtered water at home.

  2. I have all of the local restaurants and Mom/Pop eateries on Speed Dial. LOL!! I am dating myself. They don’t even have speed dial anymore, do they!!

    We eat out, carry-out… more than I cook.

    Enjoy your breakfasts together. Gazing into each other’s eyes.

  3. Oooooh, looks so yummy! I love eating breakfast out; I don’t cook anyway but I NEVER want to take the time or energy to cook in the morning. Cold cereal or instant oatmeal or fruit! Although occasionally I will break out the waffle iron (Usually when my daughter has a friend spend the night; I don’t want them to go home and tell their parents that I didn’t feed them!) and Annelise will always remark, “Yay, squishy waffles!” (As opposed to the rock hard Eggo waffles. 🙂 )
    We usually can’t get ourselves together to go to breakfast out in the morning; luckily there are several places nearby that serve breakfast all day!!

  4. We go to breakfast or brunch on Sundays. Since our whole family goes to the same church it just makes it even better when we go out afterwords. When its just Scott and I he likes to go to a place called the Concord Grill for 0ne of the best hamburgers in St. Louis.

    In Pella, Iowa we went to a little bakery that was so good called the Jaarsma bakery. If you want to check it out they are on line at

  5. OMG…are you kidding about the butter??? That picture of those pancakes made my mouth start to water right away, and I’m sure that big glob of artery clogging butter had something to do with it. (besides, I probably would have asked for a little extra!)

    Now I’m hungry and it’s 11pm. See what you went and did! hee hee hee!

    xoxo Paulette 🙂

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