The Thaw is Over

Remember that warm spell I mentioned earlier in the week?

It disappeared in a heartbeat! 😮

The weekend’s almost here and I think our plans will be pretty low-key.

When the thermometer reads like this . . .


And the view out the window is this . . .


It’s best to spend the weekend close to this . . .


And maybe do a little of this . . .


Wishing you a very cozy weekend with a generous sprinkle of fun! 😀


See you Monday for a new giveaway and a new question!



The Thaw is Over — 7 Comments

  1. ooooh Crystal! Your view is soooo beautiful! It’s going to be chilly this weekend for sure, and that makes it a perfect time to snuggle up with Sir Beads by the fire and maybe do some stitching, but I wouldn’t trade that view for anything! Have a great weekend Sweetie! Hugs, Paulette xoxo

  2. Yes, our forecast for the weekend is the same as yours. They say the cloud cover will save us from minus degrees…it will be 5. I don’t see the difference.

    Well, I don’t care because I have plennnteee to keep me busy.

    Enjoy your cozy weekend…I hear the wrestling team will be HERE!
    xx Carol

  3. Oh I would love to swap!!!! it is boiling here and I adore the snow!!! All that white fluffy goodness!!

  4. How pretty!! We never get that here in the South. Although today in Memphis it is currently freezing rain which they are predicting will change over to snow. Of course EVERYTHING is cancelled or closed. No one in Memphis can function if there is the possibility of winter weather! My daughter is still asleep, thankful for a rare “snow” day. I’m sure it will all be melted by the end of the weekend. Looks like we will have a cozy (long) weekend in, too!
    Take care, Allison

  5. That is a lovely view and you have wonderful weekend ideas — not like whiney me, I am tired tired tired of being cold this year! :-/

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