Raisins and Spice

cupandstayNow don’t laugh, but this morning I was having a yen for gingerbread of all things! 😉

I’ll bet you understand, though. Doesn’t it seem that sometimes, right out of the blue, a favorite food comes to mind and you immediately wish you could have some?

Well . . . there was no gingerbread and no chance of making any. I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients on hand. So, I decided to pull out the recipe and add what I needed to this week’s shopping list.

Here’s the recipe I found, written in my very own childish scrawl at the age of about 8 yrs. old. In those days, I used to be my mother’s “secretary”. Often, we’d be visiting a friend or relative who wanted to share a recipe with us, and my Mum (usually holding onto a baby – or three!) would ask me to do the copying.



You’ll notice that this was a piece of “scrap” paper. Luckily, I was able to eek out a bit of space to finish the recipe on the printed side! (By the way, I’m sure the final phrase “add raisins” means that they are optional and, if desired, should be added before you bake the gingerbread! LOL

“So what did this little “scribe” look like?” You ask.


This picture was taken a couple of years before the recipe was written; it’s my first grade photo. I’m wearing my school uniform, which included the blue satin hair bow(!) along with the blue jumper and white blouse.

As you can clearly see, it appears that jewelry was a fixture in my wardrobe even then! 😉

Hugs for all,



Raisins and Spice — 11 Comments

  1. My uniform looked just like that except it was a dark blue/green plaid. I had bangs just like yours, but longer, that I hated. So on picture day, after I went to school and before pictures I put one of those plastic headbands on so my bangs were off my face and pulled my hair back in a pony tail and smiled real purtee, just like they asked me to. Only my two front eye teeth, you know, the ones on either side of your top front teeth, would not come out when my adult teeth came in and the baby teeth stuck straight out in front of the new teeth. I can’t believe my parents actually BOUGHT those pictures! They don’t even give me a laugh when I come across one…I just shake my head and wonder what in the he** was I thinking. I’m laughing about it as I type. Thanks for another “fond” memory ~lol~.
    xx, Carol

  2. You had the prettiest, neatest handwriting for a child!! I bet you still do!
    Very cute picture, you look so serious. For my first grade picture, my bangs were crooked. (Thanks, Mom)

  3. WOW! I must say you have lovely handwriting! and thank you for sharing a lovely picture! I know what you mean about foods popping into your head like chocolate mousse! Hmmmm, yum! I just have to have some now!

  4. Good point, Nancy!
    If it’s called “Tropical” Gingerbread, it does seem as if there should be pineapple or maybe coconut?

    I’m guessing that the person who gave us the recipe had modified it to her own preferences. 🙂

  5. Hi Sweetie! You were just adorable, and your handwriting was so beautiful at such a young age! I remember my sixth grade teacher, Miss Murphy, had perfectly gorgeous handwriting, and everyday in class she would give us a little handwriting lesson. All of us girls wanted to write just like she did. I so admired Miss Murphy, but when you look at my mom’s handwriting, it’s very similar to mine! … I know what you mean about getting urges for something. It’s sort of like hearing a song and then getting it stuck in your head for a week! I’m snatching this yummy recipe just in case tomorrow I have a sudden urge for gingerbread!
    …Carol’s comment was so funny!!! Big Hugs, Paulette xoxo PS. I love that you had a pretty bow that went along with your uniform!

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