Short But Sweet

vacationsummerThe sound you hear is me weeping.

Vacation is over! 🙁

Well, for now anyway. But it was fun.

Some of you may remember that this was a one-week “staycation”. We stayed home and enjoyed the fact that our calendar was pretty clear.calendar

We had a couple of nice meals out.

We were able to cross a few things off of the endless “to do” list.

We spent some quality time with family.

And we had a lovely day-trip. I have some good photos from that day and will blog about it soon!

So, now we feel refreshed and recharged! 🙂

It was a great week – just way too short!

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean . . .



Short But Sweet — 2 Comments

  1. YES, YES, YES!! My week is next week and I am fervently trying to clear my desk at work. I will be so happy to just get up in the am and go to the garden or whatever else I want to do. I want to think of somewhere to go for a day trip. I’m banking on Chicago. We’ll see if I can talk Terry into it. Its definitely MY kind of town for a visit. Terry wonders why I love it so much, but I WAS BORN THERE!! DUH. It may be a trip on the train to Chinatown. I can always count on my daughter for that. Oh, you got me rambling on…..

  2. Sometimes, staycations are the only way to go! I always find myself wishing I had a vacation for the actual vacation 🙂 With a staycation, I can at least allow myself to RELAX.

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