Friday Favorites

When I was a child, I had to learn many poems by heart.

Was it the same for you?

Looking back on it, I believe that memorization is what sparked my love for poetry. Those verses really came alive when a chorus of grade school kids recited them with enthusiastic expression and dramatic hand gestures! Can’t you just picture it? 😉

The words to many poems are still etched in my memory. It’s nice to recall them from time to time so for this week’s Friday Favorites, I have an old favorite! It never seems to lose its power – no matter how often it’s read.



~by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream–and not make dreams your master;
If you can think–and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run–
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And–which is more–you’ll be a Man, my son!


Can you remember a poem that you had to learn?


Happy First Weekend in April, Kids!

And Happy Birthday (story here) to my Dad, who is 85 today. 😀

Hugs all around,


Friday Favorites

TGIF, kids! 🙂

For today’s edition of Friday Favorites, I have a painting by another one of my favorite artists – John Singer Sargent.

The art critics of his day were particularly impressed with this piece. Just look at how elegantly he captured the lovely lady.

(Click photo twice for the full effect!)

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
by John Singer Sargent, American painter, 1892-93
National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
Oil on canvas, 49″ x 39″

Doesn’t she look calm and confident? A modern woman in a not so modern era . . .

Her face conveys the sense that she’s very bright – perhaps a fascinating conversationalist!

But there’s almost a glimmer of mischief in her eye, don’t you agree? 😉

Notice how well Sargent depicts the fabrics of her dress, the upholstery on the chair, and the rich drapery behind her.

And you know me… I’m loving her jewelry, too!


This weekend, I hope you see something interesting, or fun, or both!

Maybe you’ll take a photo of it for Show and Tell Tuesday???

And remember Carol’s great suggestion: a picture of your refrigerator door. 🙂

See you Monday!




See You in the Spring

Well, by the time we meet here again on Monday, it *will* be spring!

I know . . . silly joke. (I’ve got a million of ‘em!) 😉


One rainy day this past week, I was longing for a little spring color – so I made earrings.

I’m calling these Violet Petals

And these are May Flowers

Both pairs are currently available on my website.


Have a fabulous weekend!

See ya in the Spring Monday. 😉



Friday Funnies


Shall we get into a festive weekend mood by kicking it off with a few funny children’s quotes?

As Billy and his Grandpa entered their vacation cabin, they kept the lights off until they were inside to keep from attracting pesky insects. Still, a few fireflies followed them in. Billy noticed them first and whispered, “It’s no use, Grandpa. The mosquitoes are coming after us with flashlights.”


A mother and her young son returned from the grocery store and began putting away the groceries. The boy opened the box of animal crackers and spread them all over the table. “What are you doing?” his mother asked. “The box says you can’t eat them if the seal is broken,” the boy explained. “I’m looking for the seal.”


And finally, one from my own daughter… She was about age 5 or 6 yrs. old when I showed her an old photo album with pictures from my early childhood. She intently perused several pages of black and white photos and then stopped to ask: “So tell me Mom, just when exactly did the whole world become filled with colors?”

Have a super-special weekend, Kids!



Wash Day Blues

It’s Friday, which often means it’s time for Friday Favorites!

Today, I have a work of art to share.

(click photo twice to enlarge)

”Woman Ironing”
by French painter/lithographer, Armand Désiré Gautier (1825–1894)


I love the play of light in this painting! At first glance the colors seem drab but with a closer look, you’ll notice that there is lots of color in the scene.

Poor girl, though, not only was she living in an era before permanent press – there was no electricity either! Obviously, she has her work cut out for her with that mass of wrinkles hanging on the line.

Who was she? What was she like? Was she happy? Was she loved?

Ah, that’s the mystery and the fun of viewing art. 😀


Happy Weekend!