The Beat Goes On . . . with Bracelets

While thinking of a topic for this week’s Make somethin’ Monday, I was reminded how quickly a cute idea can turn into a fad!

I suppose in today’s jargon, the word “fad” would translate into “go viral”.

When I was in my early teens, these “gum wrapper” bracelets were the rage.

I swear we put our future dental health in jeopardy by trying to chew as much gum as possible in order to have a steady supply of wrappers!

When my own kids entered the “tween” stage, it was friendship bracelets made of embroidery floss that were the “in” accessory.

Currently, I’m neither teen nor tween – Ok, stop laughing! – but I definitely know a cute idea when I see one. 😉 These bracelets are popping up everywhere, lately!

There are countless versions of them in fashion magazines, on blogs, Pinterest, and other online craft venues. You know me. I love a quick TV Time project, so I just had to make a few . . .

The materials are fairly inexpensive: crochet hook, embroidery floss, beads, and a clasp.

This is one of those projects that leaves a lot of room for experimenting with various sizes of yarns, threads, and beads. You can try to use up stuff that’s already in your stash – and that’s always a good thing! (Call me “Martha”.) 😉

Fair warning though . . . they’re a bit like Lay’s Potato Chips . . .

“Bet you can’t eat make just one”! (I couldn’t.)

Picture a couple of these mixed and matched with some metal bracelets in your wardrobe.

Très chic, n’est-ce pas? 😀

Wanna make your own? Pattern, here.

Sending smiles!


Hearts and Flowers

I‘m having such fun with these flowers! Here is the “bright pink” one I mentioned yesterday (It looks coral on my screen – but it’s pink!).

You can see in the photo below that the pink one is a smaller size. Eventually, I want to make several sizes, using different types of fabrics. 🙂

Maybe it’s the shorter hours of daylight but, lately, I just want to curl up with a quick project after dinner. Here’s my whimsical little crocheted posy!

And finally, I finished a few crocheted hearts. It’s probably too late to use them on Valentine cards for *this* year, but I’ll think of something to do with them.


Wishing you a weekend with the perfect mix of things you have to do and things you want to do! 😀




My recent post about “woman or mouse” reminded me that I had a pattern for a tiny knitted mouse tucked away.

It looked quick and easy – so I put it in my folder of TV Time projects!

I actually think knitted mice, fabric mice, or mouse figurines are adorable! They make really sweet ornaments, too!

After all, you gotta have a mouse near the Christmas tree for – you know – “Not a creature was stirring . . . ”!

All that being said, I am afraid of real mice! 😉 Silly, yes?

Well, here’s the little guy. And the pattern is here.

Why oh why didn’t I remember to put something else into the photo, so you’d be able to see how small he is??? Duh!

He’s about the size of an egg. 😀

One last thing . . .

If, on a “dark and stormy night” (as Snoopy might say), I ever happened to awake and see a little face like this staring at me . . .

Well, let’s just say you’d probably hear me screaming wherever you are! 😉


I made a card this week . . .

There are so many talented people making beautiful cards these days! I’ve often thought I’d like to try it.

The process appeals to me because it’s a mini version of making a scrapbook. You use a lot of the same tools and supplies but you are finished much sooner. I know I wouldn’t have the stick-to-it-ive-ness to complete a large scrapbook.

As I’ve mentioned to Carol, I am not good at working on a weeks-long project. With most of the arts that I’ve learned, I try to do small projects otherwise they tend to languish in an unfinished state. Guess I like the old instant gratification! For example, if I were quilting – it would be placemats – not a queen-sized quilt! When making a card, I can play with all of the pretty papers, stickers, ribbons, and rubber stamps – and still have a finished project fairly quickly.

Last week, as Valentine’s Day was approaching, I planned to make a few Valentines – but time ran out.

Made only one . . . for my Valentine . . . of 37 years . . .

I was in kindergarten when I married don’t cha know. 😉


It turned out OK, for a beginner. You can click on the photo to make it larger.

It was fun and actually reminded me of my earliest school years, when our class would spend an afternoon every week making little “art” projects with colorful construction paper, glue, and our blunt edged scissors.

Now if you were to ask me what I liked best about making this card, I’d have to say . . .

He liked it!” 🙂