My recent post about “woman or mouse” reminded me that I had a pattern for a tiny knitted mouse tucked away.

It looked quick and easy – so I put it in my folder of TV Time projects!

I actually think knitted mice, fabric mice, or mouse figurines are adorable! They make really sweet ornaments, too!

After all, you gotta have a mouse near the Christmas tree for – you know – “Not a creature was stirring . . . ”!

All that being said, I am afraid of real mice! 😉 Silly, yes?

Well, here’s the little guy. And the pattern is here.

Why oh why didn’t I remember to put something else into the photo, so you’d be able to see how small he is??? Duh!

He’s about the size of an egg. 😀

One last thing . . .

If, on a “dark and stormy night” (as Snoopy might say), I ever happened to awake and see a little face like this staring at me . . .

Well, let’s just say you’d probably hear me screaming wherever you are! 😉



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  1. The mouse is so cute and you are so funny. Scared of mice, but WHY.
    You mention Snoopy….my fav!
    Did you know I used to have a pet rat? That was 15 years ago. I know, because I gave her away when my grandson was born. Her name was Rat Girl. She was THE smartest animal I ever had. When I would put her on the floor, she would stay near and would come when I called her. I gave her to my niece when Corey was born because I used to take her out of her cage a lot and I just thought it would be better to share her because I would be holding the baby and didn’t want to take a chance on passing germs.

    I love your mouse. But, keep him out of the corn flakes!

  2. Aww, this is so cute! I wish I knew how to knit. ^^ I’m actually afraid of real mice as well..and rats. My friend once had this gross realistic rubber mouse, and it really freaked me out when she showed me and didn’t tell me it was fake! Thank goodness that was the first and last time I was able to see it.

  3. Let me tell you a story that’ll have you cracking up.
    My daughter is very scared of mice. Well her hubby took a cat toy (little grey mouse), glued it to the baby’s pacificer so it looks like the baby is holding a grey mouse in her mouth! Then called my daughter into see what the baby had in her mouth. Well, all heck broke loose – so funny.

  4. Your mouse is adorable, I cannot knit or sew. I could see this as a Christmas ornament in grey with a red bow near the ear and for the cheese you could cut a yellow piece of sponge in the shape of a cheese and put the mouse ontop.

  5.’re not scared of a cute little mousie, are you??? hee hee hee!

    Well this sweet fellow is just too adorable! You find the sweetest projects Crystal!

    Like Carol, We used to have a pet rat too! Her name was Ratski, and she was one of the smartest pets we ever had, and very clean also, and I’m a bit of a clean freak, so trust me, she was no problem! When Jamie was a senior, some of the kids let a bunch of rats loose in the lunch room of the high school as a senior prank. (how cruel is that?) So, Jamie being an animal lover like the rest of the us, ran to try and catch them. He managed to catch one, our little Ratski. I knew he had something special, as I watched him from the kitchen window, get out of the car holding a box very carefully….an all too familiar scene, which usually means I’m going to have to take some sort of injured critter to the vet, but in this case I just needed to go out and buy a cage and some food!
    She was one of the best pets we ever had, so gentle and sweet. If I didn’t have three kitties, I’d get another one in a second!

    Good grief girl…what is it with your blog that makes me ramble away like this! 😉

    xoxo Paulette 😉

  6. Cute little mouse…

    but the yarn and needle makes me wanna start knitting again…

    Here in Malaysia its hard to find knitting needles and accessories…. and even a good yarn…so need someone to help me buy those overseas…

  7. What a cute little mousie – I agree that it would make an adorable (and appropriate!) Christmas ornament 🙂

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