I made a card this week . . .

There are so many talented people making beautiful cards these days! I’ve often thought I’d like to try it.

The process appeals to me because it’s a mini version of making a scrapbook. You use a lot of the same tools and supplies but you are finished much sooner. I know I wouldn’t have the stick-to-it-ive-ness to complete a large scrapbook.

As I’ve mentioned to Carol, I am not good at working on a weeks-long project. With most of the arts that I’ve learned, I try to do small projects otherwise they tend to languish in an unfinished state. Guess I like the old instant gratification! For example, if I were quilting – it would be placemats – not a queen-sized quilt! When making a card, I can play with all of the pretty papers, stickers, ribbons, and rubber stamps – and still have a finished project fairly quickly.

Last week, as Valentine’s Day was approaching, I planned to make a few Valentines – but time ran out.

Made only one . . . for my Valentine . . . of 37 years . . .

I was in kindergarten when I married don’t cha know. 😉


It turned out OK, for a beginner. You can click on the photo to make it larger.

It was fun and actually reminded me of my earliest school years, when our class would spend an afternoon every week making little “art” projects with colorful construction paper, glue, and our blunt edged scissors.

Now if you were to ask me what I liked best about making this card, I’d have to say . . .

He liked it!” 🙂



I made a card this week . . . — 3 Comments

  1. Its a cute card! He liked it even more because it wasn’t store bought and your personal creativity created it!

    I tried the stamped card route once. I made a few really nice cards, but I’m bad because I like to dabble in different crafts to see if I like it. Spend all kinds of money only to find out its not for me. I can follow patterns and instructions really well, but put me on my own..forget it…except sewing, crochet and beading. Probably why they are my favorite mediums.

    I don’t mind big long projects, but I have to keep something smaller going at the same time.

  2. Very cute!! I love making cards and haven’t bought one in years. I am a rubberstamper and papercrafter so that’s my favorite thing to do. My family and friends would probably faint if I sent them a store bought card (and also think I didn’t like them anymore!)
    Your honey loved the card because it came from your own fingers and your heart!

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