Sticktoitiveness – Japanese Crocheted Flowers

stick-to-it·ive·ness. n. tenacity; perseverance


In the beginning there was *new* yarn . . .

colorful new yarn!

Time passed . . . and it was still colorful . . .

but there was less of it!

The reason?

Some of the yarn had been turned into a stack of “flowers”.

Weeks went by . . .

and suddenly there were double that amount!

By midsummer . . .

there was only a hint of what was to come.

Right now though . . .

It’s finally looking much more like a shawl. 🙂

Of course, I’m not finished – still need more flowers. In these photos, they’re not arranged in any particular order. I have a feeling it will take lots of arranging and rearranging to find the layout I like best.

Hopefully, it will be ready to wear this winter. 😀


What is it that you are trying to finish these days?

A book? closet organization? fall cleaning? craft project?

I’d love to hear about it!



Crocheted Flowers Update

There’s progress on the flowers for the shawl I have planned.

With 16 complete – I’m 1/3 of the way there! 😀

I still need to weave in the loose ends on a few of these. And I think I’ll eventually want to “block” all of them (lightly mist and pin the edges flat).

For now though, I’m having a ball watching things begin to take shape!

Most years, I stop knitting and crocheting during the summer months. The reason is simple . . . it’s just too hot. As a project gets bigger and bigger – it ends up on my lap and who needs a yarn “blanket” when it’s 90º?

But, these flowers are fairly small (approx. 4-1/2″ diameter), so there will be no problem.

I will, however, wait for a *cool* day to assemble the shawl because I’m pretty sure I’ll want to try it on immediately after it’s finished! 😉


Have you thought of something fun that you’d like to work on this summer?