Sticktoitiveness – Japanese Crocheted Flowers

stick-to-itΒ·iveΒ·ness. n. tenacity; perseverance


In the beginning there was *new* yarn . . .

colorful new yarn!

Time passed . . . and it was still colorful . . .

but there was less of it!

The reason?

Some of the yarn had been turned into a stack of “flowers”.

Weeks went by . . .

and suddenly there were double that amount!

By midsummer . . .

there was only a hint of what was to come.

Right now though . . .

It’s finally looking much more like a shawl. πŸ™‚

Of course, I’m not finished – still need more flowers. In these photos, they’re not arranged in any particular order. I have a feeling it will take lots of arranging and rearranging to find the layout I like best.

Hopefully, it will be ready to wear this winter. πŸ˜€


What is it that you are trying to finish these days?

A book? closet organization? fall cleaning? craft project?

I’d love to hear about it!




Sticktoitiveness – Japanese Crocheted Flowers — 17 Comments

  1. Your flowers are great! VERY colorful. They seem to be the rage now, showing up all over the place.

    I am sewing. Really. Putting fabrics together for my Boho Bag has been a challenge. I tend to think conservatively so mixing patterns is difficult for me. Finding the right shade of blue is ALsO difficult, but I persevere. Anyway, I am cutting this week and we’ll see what I come up with. I have to say, I see several in my future.

    Have a great week. We are in for an entire week of rainy weather.
    xx, Carol

  2. I desperately need to clean closets and floors! But I have a book calling my name – 102 Minutes (about the World Trade Centers on 9/11)

  3. Greetings Clenna! πŸ˜€
    You’ll have to let us know if you recommend the book after you finish it. By the way, if the rest of you kids are looking for a good read – Clenna told me about Cleopatra’s Daughter a while back. It was great!

  4. Hey there, Carol,
    Yes, the Japanese Flowers have been going strong on the internet for months. I’ve loved seeing all the different interpretations out there.

    And now the Boho Bag seems to be the new darling of cyberspace. Can’t wait to see yours when it’s in progress. At least , the rainy weather is good for crafting! πŸ™‚

  5. It’s beautiful!! I had been wondering how you were coming on this shawl. I so want to make one. Maybe one day. After I am exhausted from quilting.

    I made my first oven mitt yesterday. I am so delighted with it, plan to make more.

  6. I’m working on a photo book of our travels this summer, which took us to Detroit to attend the National Square Dance Convention and Cape Cod to go on a whale watch. And the visit with Sir Beads, Crystal and niece. I’m using to create the book. Check this site out. If you are planning on having prints made, you might as well go ahead and design a book with your own copy.

    Oh, the yarn brings back memories. My Mother made us boys many knitted items over the years. I still have several of them in my Mother’s cedar chest that she had before she was married. I should take a look, they might be in style again. Or maybe I should say, I hope those sweaters still would fit! We still can’t part with the snow suit that Mom made for our son in 1970!

    Anyway, what I meant to say is that as a kid, Mom would have me hold the yarn around my arms while she would make a ball of the yarn. Maybe we were watching Mom’s favorite Soap on the little old B&W TV or listening to the Cleveland Indians on the radio. I know I wasn’t texting any of my friends that’s for sure!

    Crystal, Mom would be proud of you and that Shawl.

  7. Hi there, Sir Beads’ Brother πŸ™‚
    Mom did make the most beautiful things, many of which I haven’t been able to part with either. I don’t think my girls ever had a store-bought sweater until they were in their teens.

    Glad you’re having fun with your latest blurb book. You have a real talent for it! xo

  8. Thanks so much Kathy! I really appreciate it.
    I used to knit quite a lot but lately – it’s crochet that’s caught my attention. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m getting ready for the K-9 games, the huge fundraiser for our dog club and many rescue groups. Halloween is just around the corner and I’m having guests next Saturday. The carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow and then I’m decorating.

  10. I cannot wait to see the finished shawl, I’m sure you will get alot of compliments on it once its finished.
    Sir Beads Brother, you are so lucky to have handmade things from your mom. I wouldn’t want to part with them either.
    Good luck with your album.

  11. Hi Kelly
    I remember your festive Fall/Halloween decorations from last year! πŸ™‚
    Have you definitely decided on Kouga’s costume for this year? I think it’s so adorable that he loves to dress up!

  12. Sorry I have been absent for so long! September was a super busy month; I thought it would slow down a little in October, but so far not yet!

    LOVE the flowers, the shawl will be lovely when it is finished. The bright colors are so pretty!!

    Robert is growing “like a weed!” He turned 1 yesterday & has taken a few tentative steps. He is a one man wrecking crew; some days it seems like all I do is follow him around and pick up after him (I should be used to it! That is what I do with the almost 13 year old, too! I’m getting pretty good at it. πŸ™‚ )
    I have taken over all the lesson scheduling for the stables where I work. I am constantly answering calls, texts and emails, setting up lessons, rescheduling lessons, making sure the lesson horses are all used evenly and are not getting overworked. They teach lessons 7 days a week and there are 3 instructors, so I stay constantly busy with that. But I can pretty much do it on my own time, I am not held to a schedule, so it works for me.

    Hope everyone is having a fabulous fall! The weather here has been beautiful (which makes me even busier—-everyone wants to ride!)

  13. Greetings Allison! πŸ™‚
    It’s just great to read your newsy update!

    Glad you are all well, and I’m so happy for you that you have this chance to work in a job that brings you close to your passion – horses!

    It does sound awfully busy though. Hope you are able to squeeze in a ride now and then! πŸ™‚

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