Sticktoitiveness – Japanese Crocheted Flowers

stick-to-it·ive·ness. n. tenacity; perseverance


In the beginning there was *new* yarn . . .

colorful new yarn!

Time passed . . . and it was still colorful . . .

but there was less of it!

The reason?

Some of the yarn had been turned into a stack of “flowers”.

Weeks went by . . .

and suddenly there were double that amount!

By midsummer . . .

there was only a hint of what was to come.

Right now though . . .

It’s finally looking much more like a shawl. 🙂

Of course, I’m not finished – still need more flowers. In these photos, they’re not arranged in any particular order. I have a feeling it will take lots of arranging and rearranging to find the layout I like best.

Hopefully, it will be ready to wear this winter. 😀


What is it that you are trying to finish these days?

A book? closet organization? fall cleaning? craft project?

I’d love to hear about it!