It’s Around the Corner . . .

Hey there, everyone!

Hope you had a sparkling 4th of July weekend. 😀

Can you believe the stores are already stocking items for another holiday that’s on the horizon?

Uh-huh. Halloween!

Today’s edition of Show and Tell Tuesday will fit right in with that theme . . .


A few weeks ago, we were reminiscing with our oldest daughter about some Halloween costumes we helped her to make around the time she became a teenager.

Her school sponsored an annual Halloween Dance, which included a contest for best costume. She loved the event. Although we all contributed to the finished projects, her Dad (a.k.a. Sir Beads) did a lot of the work on these . . .

Here’s his “washing machine” – made with a sturdy carton and recycled styrofoam! There’s even a battery-operated light with an on/off switch!

Don’t you just love it? 😀

Next, we have a slice of pizza. Fabric-covered cardboard, designed to sit on the shoulders, “sandwich board”-style. 😀


This was during the late 1980’s. As I recall, neither costume won, but they were a hit nonetheless. The washer is long gone, but we think the slice of pizza may be packed away in the basement.

In any event, I’m so glad we still have the pictures.

They make our hearts smile!