Strawberry Quick Cake

Greetings Kids!

The hot weather is almost here and that means we’ll all be looking for shortcuts in the kitchen.

A few days ago, Clenna found a dessert recipe that’s perfect for those lazy hazy days of summer!

It’s super easy, quick to make, and best of all – there’s NO cooking involved!

Now that’s the way to my “too hot to turn on the oven”-lovin’ heart. 😉

Since there are only two of us, I made half of the recipe for Sir Beads and me. After a quick search in my cupboard, I chose this over-sized glass goblet for a serving dish! (It holds about 4 servings.)

Pretty festive, don’t you agree?

It’s de-licious, a lot like strawberry shortcake . . .

but so very speedy to make that I’m calling it:

Strawberry Quick Cake

Shopping List:
* An angel food cake
* A container of strawberries
* Whipped Topping (I used Whipped Cream)

Wash and slice strawberries
Tear the angel food cake into bite size pieces
For a pretty presentation – alternately layer cake pieces and berries in a clear glass bowl or goblet (but any bowl will do).
Top with whipped cream and serve immediately!

As soon as Sir Beads finished his last spoonful, he sighed and said:

Thanks, Clenna!

(Original recipe found here)


Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

(Maybe you’ll make some Strawberry Quick Cake.) 😉



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It’s Not Too Hot for Dessert!

I’ve told my oven: “See you in September.” 😉

Seriously Kids, who wants to swelter beside temperatures of 350 degrees and more during a summer heat wave?

Luckily, I’ve found a dessert recipe that requires no cooking at all! In fact, instead of cooking it, you freeze it. 😀

I’ve mentioned that I have a little collection of vintage cookbooks that were printed as fundraisers for various women’s groups. I found the following recipe in one of them. Don’t you just love the name of it? 😉

Thelma’s “Get Your Guy” Pie

½ cup butter, melted
1 cup brown sugar
3 cups of crushed corn flakes
1 cup chopped nuts
½ cup shredded coconut.

Line a 9” pan with 2/3 of the above mixture.

Fill the shell with 1 quart of vanilla ice cream.

Top the ice cream with the remaining mixture.

FREEZE for several hours.

Serve with hot fudge sauce.