He Said, She Said

As promised, here’s the answer to yesterday’s mystery pile of change . . .


She said: Sweetheart, that large amount of change you constantly carry around with you must be very heavy – not to mention it eventually puts holes in your pockets.

He said: It’s not heavy.

She said: Why don’t you just make it a point to spend some of it each day? You know, if something costs $3.56 – don’t just hand the cashier a $5 bill – use your change.

He said: Too much trouble.

She said: But isn’t it a nuisance when we have to roll a lot of coins?

He said: I suppose.

She said: So then, do you think you will try to use more of your change?

He said: Probably not. 😀

She said: It’s a good thing you are so darn cute! 😉


(You were right, Carol!)