It’s in the Genes


I say: Do you know what this is?

You say: Yes Crystal, it’s a cup of tea.
(You also think to yourself: Oh man, Crystal is losing it!)


Not to worry; I still have a few of my marbles left. 😉

This is a cold cup of tea because . . .

I am an incurable multi-tasker!!!

It’s true. I can’t tell you how many teabags I have failed to rescue before they’ve turned my cup of tea to lukewarm mud.

How does this happen? Well, right after I pour the hot water, I think – “Hmmm… while this is steeping, I’ll just check the mail, or maybe start a shopping list, or make the bed, or pay a bill”. My intention is just to do something quick, but one thing leads to another and before I know it, half an hour has passed.


When I finally return to my tea… it’s too strong and too cold. Lest you worry that it’s wasted; I do nuke it and add extra milk to try and rehabilitate it, but I really don’t enjoy it that way.

I fear I’ve passed this flawed genetic material on to my daughter. She, too, appears to be a multi-tasker. The other day, the subject came up as we were chatting and she said:

“Oh that happens to me too! I’ll be sorting laundry and then will realize I should go grab some dirty towels…but then I get sidetracked in the bathroom by stopping to clean the sink. As I scrub, my tummy rumbles and I remember (oooh yum!) I have cheese and crackers in the fridge! I’m off to get them…then decide to treat myself a bit and watch some TV while I enjoy my snack. One episode of CHiPs later and it hits me…I never started the washer! Ok, I’ll just put my snack plates in the dishwasher first…. Oh, but the dishwasher is full of clean stuff! Must put THAT away, of course…

And in the midst of all of this, I might be suddenly tweezing my eyebrows or checking Facebook. Or napping. It happens!”

Poor kid, along with a wonderful sense of humor from her Dad, I guess she inherited the multi-task bug from me.

I must be a “carrier”! How about you? 😉


The Good Wife

As often as possible . . . I do try to be a “good wife”. 😉

But you’ll laugh when I tell you the predicament into which I unknowingly put Sir Beads yesterday!

As he was leaving for work in the morning, I asked him if he would mind grabbing a few items from the grocery store on his way home. He said “No problem.” So, I dashed off a little list of the things we needed and he quickly stuffed it into his shirt pocket as he headed out the door.

When he came home last night, he told me that he had made a funny discovery during the workday. At one point, he glanced down at his shirt and it seems that part of the “list” had worked its way out of his pocket! This is what was showing to any and all he may have encountered in the course of business:


I was blushing and laughing at the same time as we wondered what people must have thought when they saw that! LOL

Here’s the list – unfolded.


Next time, maybe I should just email him . . . but I suppose that would mean less excitement for the co-workers!


Friday Favorites

hearts-border31 For this week’s Friday Favorites, I have two little treats for you! I found a whimsical illustration and an amusing quote. 🙂

This vintage print depicts Thumbelina of fairytale fame.
She is gliding across the pond on a lily pad that’s powered by a snowy white butterfly!


Doesn’t the scene have a lovely summertime quality? I see some fish but I wonder if just under the surface of the water, we might discover one of Carol’s frogs!

Next the quote . . .

“I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.” ~E. V. Lucas

Have a fun-filled weekend!

See you Monday with new questions! 😀