12 Ornaments of Christmas – Part 5


For Part 5 in my series of quick and easy ornaments, I have a little fabric pinwheel for you. This is a great way to use up any remnants of Christmas fabric in your stash. But even if you have to buy the material, it won’t cost very much because so little is needed. 🙂

Christmas Pinwheel



Fabric Remnants – Two Coordinating Christmas Prints (a 9″ by 9″ piece of each print will be easiest to work with and will make 4 ornaments.)

Fusible webbing (a piece that measures just under 9″ square)

Christmas buttons or decorative buttons – 5/8″ in diameter

Wooden dowel – about the thickness of a lollipop stick – available at most craft stores

Thread, needle, pinking shears, and regular scissors

Gold Cord or fishing line for hanger

Gather your supplies . . .

I found some cute Christmas buttons!


Cut a square of fusible webbing (a little less than 9″ by 9″) and sandwich it between your two Christmas prints. Both prints should be wrong sides together with the webbing in between.

Using an iron, press your “sandwich” of fabrics and webbing together, following directions which come with the webbing.

Lightly trace a 4″ square in one corner of your “sandwich”, and cut it out with pinking shears.

At one corner of your square (using regular scissors) snip in towards the center – but do NOT go all the way! Leave about 1/2″ uncut. Repeat this step for the other 3 corners of the square.

Snip corner

Corners can now be easily be turned over.

Using a doubled piece of thread, take a stitch through the center of the square from front to back. Bring the needle back to the front staying very close to the center of the square. Next you will be forming the pinwheel. With the square flat in front of you, pick up the right corner on one side, fold it over so that its point touches the center of the square, and stitch the point down. Turn the square, and take the right corner of the second side, and stitch it to the center on top of the previous corner that you just stitched. Repeat until all four corners are attached to the center of the square.


The pinwheel is taking shape!

Attach a button to the center to hide all your stitching. Cut the dowel to the desired length and whipstitch (or glue) to the back of the pinwheel.

Use a piece of gold cord or fishing line to make a hanger for you new ornament!

All finished 😀