Calendars and Resolutions

snowingAlthough I love the adventure of a new year and am inspired by the chance to fill it with lots of fun and positive things, I’ve never been too big on New Year’s resolutions, per se.

Not that I couldn’t use plenty of improvement, mind you! 😉

It’s just that I don’t think of January 1st as a day of self-assessment. I’m more likely to contemplate changes or choose new goals on my birthday. To me, there’s something about adding a year to my age that triggers thoughts about how I would like to modify aspects of my life.

But speaking of the adventure part of a new year – don’t you just love a brand spanking new calendar? The crisp pages are so gloriously empty. What fun it is to imagine all the events and bits of info that will gradually begin to fill-in some of those blank spaces. Sure, there will be the boring dental appointments, and the oil change for the car, but think of the family birthdays, and the summer picnics, and the lunch dates with friends!

I bought our new wall calendar yesterday. Talk about last minute! In my defense, I do like to wait until they’re half-price. I chose this little bit of whimsy called “Flower Fairies” by Cicely Mary Barker.


Sir Beads-a-Lot (saint that he is) always allows me to choose the new calendar. He knows that I will probably never select anything remotely masculine, yet he good-naturedly nods with enthusiasm when I present my pick for the year. The artwork on this one is lovely and it has fairly large boxes for each date, so it will be easy to write (and fit) any information for a given day.

Oh, before I forget! The first GIVEAWAY of 2010 will begin tomorrow. Hope you’ll stop back then to enter for your chance to win!



Ya Gotta Love a New Year!

It’s true that New Year’s resolutions are usually not much fun – but putting those aside for a moment – it seems to me there’s a lot to love about the beginning of a new year.


Here are my top five reasons:

1. There’s the adventure of selecting the new calendar! Talk about choices! No matter what you fancy, there’s a calendar for you. They’re available in a dazzling variety of sizes and formats. Some are funny, some are thought provoking, and some are absolutely beautiful. If you’re like me, you wait until the last minute to buy yours – at 50% off 😉 This year I found a very sweet one with pictures taken from vintage children’s books!

2. There are the after-Christmas SALES!!! Doesn’t it make your heart beat a little faster to see those “60-75% off” signs? Sometimes this reverie lasts all through the month of January and even into February. If you received a gift card or money for a holiday gift – lucky you! You’re probably going to be able to double your buying power in the early weeks of the new year.

3. Taking down the tree! I love the holidays, but as my mother used to say: “There’s nothing as OVER as Christmas when it’s over!” All of the sparkling decorations suddenly begin to look like the last rose of summer, and the now opened gifts (though very appreciated) take on a cluttered appearance under the tree. In our case, the tree has been up since Thanksgiving, so we are not too sad to see it go. I’m always amazed at how spacious and neat the house looks once everything is carefully packed away.

4. There’s some free time on the schedule again – woo hoo! With all the holiday preparations, shopping, social events, family parties, and other responsibilities, there are years when it seems as if there isn’t a minute to rest between mid-November and January 1st. How wonderful to look at the new calendar and see blank spaces again!

5. And what shall we do with this newfound empty space on the calendar??? Anything we want! 🙂 This is the time to try new recipes, or learn a new craft, or read that book you’ve heard so much about! Maybe you’ve been meaning to write a letter to an old friend, or visit a museum, or redecorate the bedroom. It’s lovely to know that there will be a little extra time as the year begins to spend however you please.


As 2009 unfolds, what would you like to do?