Bears Can Knit, Too!

On your gift-giving list, is there a bear collector, or a knitter, or maybe someone who just loves tiny treasures?

Well, this mini teddy bear might be perfect for all three! Whether he decorates a birthday package or is a “gift” all by himself, he’s pretty hard to resist!


You can finish this project quick as a wink by using a 3″
pre-made bear. The knitting is done on full size knitting needles (size 1) and then transferred to tiny “bear-sized” knitting needles – made from toothpicks!

“Knitting Bear” Tutorial:

Supplies needed:

3” Bear – from your local craft supply store (I found mine at Michael’s)
A scrap of 1/8” ribbon for a bow at teddy’s neck
Assorted remnants of sport weight yarns
Size 1 Knitting Needles
2 round wooden toothpicks
2 size-5/0 beads (or any bead that fits the toothpick)
Tacky Glue


Tie a bow at Teddy’s neck and then set him aside.

Using size 1 knitting needles, cast on 15 stitches in your choice of color.

Knit in stockinette stitch for 3 rows, then change colors for 3 more rows. If the knitted piece seems long enough, (depending on your yarn and tension) cut the yarn – leaving a one-yard piece, which will be rolled into a little ball of yarn.

Carefully put half of the stitches on one toothpick, and then the rest of the stitches on the other – moving them slowly to avoid losing stitches in the transfer!

Once you have transferred the stitches, the toothpicks may need a little trimming if they seem too long or are too fat for the beads to slip onto easily. I trimmed mine a bit with the tip of my wire cutters. The wood is soft and trims easily.

Next, glue the beads onto the toothpick ends.
Bring the hanging piece of yarn over the needles to the front, and roll it into a ball – starting at the end of the yarn. Use a little glue here and there to hold the round shape.

Any loose strands on the back of the knitting can either be woven in, or snipped close to the work and secured with a dab of glue.

Finally, place the piece of knitting in the bear’s paws and glue it to his chest area with a generous little dollop of tacky glue. Let dry.

Finished!!! Aww . . . isn’t he sweet?



Bears Can Knit, Too! — 6 Comments

  1. Hi there, Aik

    I bet you would make one that’s very adorable! 🙂

    If you don’t have a little bear, you could even use a doll!

  2. I may just have to make one of these for my sister-in-law. She loves to knit and this would be so cute sitting on her desk at work. Thanks for the adorable idea and the instructions!

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