Saving Dollars . . . and Sense — 5 Comments

  1. O yes, we found money in nooks and crannies and pockets and behind pictures and under the carpet when my mom died. They weren’t wealthy. It wasn’t that they didn’t keep track of where it was. It was fear. After living through the 20’s they were scared not to have money hid around the house incase the banks failed again. Who would have thought we would see it happen again in OUR generation.

    Yes, my grandkids know the value of saving money, but that’s because we make then earn their allowance and use it when they want to go to the show, or buy a game. Save it so you have it when you need it is what we have taught them. When my grandson messed up by racking up charges on the cell phone…after instructing him to be sure he was “in network etc” I made him pay the charges from his money. Best lesson he could have gotten. (Yes, I want him to have a cell phone. I want to be able to reach him if I need to, and vice versa. Proof that things are not the same as when we were “Party line kids”.

    O yeah, I still get a kick out of slipping a buck to the grand neices and nephews when I see them. Some things never love to get unexpected money!

  2. I’ve never thought of you as a tightwad!!

    Since you were little, you’ve always been very good at making your money “stretch”. That’s a real talent – a gene from your great-grandmother, perhaps? 😉

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