Mid-week scribbles . . .

scribbles-8b Now I don’t want to go all “Andy Rooney” on ya but . . .

Have you looked for a new winter coat this year? There are some great sales out there, but why is it that so many of the coats have a ratty-looking tangle of fake fur trim? Not necessary and definitely not attractive!

Next, under the heading: “Do as I say, not as I do.” If you’ve brought home something new, eliminate an old item. If only I’d follow my own advice, my closet wouldn’t be bulging with things I never wear! Maybe I should think of it as a game of rummy – yes! – choose a new card from the deck and then discard!

I had to laugh when I woke up this morning, saw it was cloudy, and my first thought was “Oh good! I can get some nice bead photos!!” It struck me as weird that I could ever think such a thing because I’m just crazy about bright sunshine! I love the way it streams in the windows on clear winter days, and makes the whole house super bright! So, after years of tolerating dreary days, it’s fun to know I now have a reason to be happy about them. Taking pictures of beads and jewelry is so much easier on a cloudy day!

Finally . . . While trying to decide what to have for supper tonight, I remembered something my mother often said: “If you serve some good bread and a nice dessert along with the dinner, even leftovers will seem like a great meal!” She was right. 🙂 Try it!



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  1. Ha, you’re just so funny. Buy something new and get rid of something old? MOI!!! Why do you think they put closets and attics in houses? HUH?
    I gotta keep it just incase I lose a pound. Now, if its too big, out it goes, pronto. But if I used to wear it, and its too small, no way Hose’. It stays. Heck, I have jeans from when I was a size 8 in 1980. Heck, they been back in style twice now, but I couldn’t wear em. Third time’s the charm!

    And talk about coats. Last year I saw a coat I wanted reallllly bad. So I waited for it to go on sale and I grabbed it. Then after I wore it for a month or so, I found the coat I had bought the year before. Guess what…SAME EXACT COAT. Bought at the same store! They probably just brought out left overs from the year before. Maybe I should check out my closets.

    But I am NOT as bad as my dear husband. He keeps everything in case my grandbrats might want it in 20 years. We have a two stall attached garage. When he decided to keep my 1986 Crown Vic for one of the kids, he put up a 3 stall detached. Can’t fit a car in it and the walls are lined with toys the kids no longer play with, but may want some day.

    OMG, I wrote a book…or maybe I SHOULD write a book. I think I write more on your blog than I do on mine.

  2. That is so true about winter jackets – the scraggly fake fur – I was just looking for one myself and had so much trouble for the same reasons!

  3. Hi there, Lo!
    Nice to see you 🙂

    It’s interesting to know, for sure, that it’s not just the stores around here! If I don’t find a coat soon, I guess I’ll just have to wait until next fall. Hopefully the styles will be different!

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