January Cleaning and Crafts

I always have the urge to get organized in January. I think it’s the combination of the cold weather and the fact that I’m already on a roll as I put away the Christmas decorations, and try to find a new home for any gifts we’ve received.

Yesterday, as I was looking for a spot to store a new game, I came across an old photo album with pictures from my early years as a crafter. It made me smile as I calculated that the photos are (gulp!) 26 years old!

Craft fairs were in their infancy then, and this is a picture of my very first one.

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The photo is fading a bit, but if you click on it to make it larger, you can get an idea of the display. My daughters are “helping”, Dear Husband is the photographer, and I seem to be working on something even as the event begins. The fair was held on a sunny autumn day on the grounds of a school in New Hampshire. The raffia dolls that you see were very “in” at the time – hard to believe now! It was a particularly exciting day not only because it was my first fair, but also because I was approached by a lady who wanted to display my items in her gift shop! I was so delighted – I couldn’t believe it.

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It turned out that the shop was a restored “caboose” which was just adorable. We took a drive to see it after hearing that my crafts were on display. The kids look thrilled, don’t they? 😉 Well, it was a long drive.

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Since that time, I’ve learned many new crafts and had lots more adventures at craft fairs and gift shops, but it was during those earliest years (see Take this job), that I discovered something pretty valuable.

I learned that “making something” is like giving your spirit a vitamin! 🙂



January Cleaning and Crafts — 3 Comments

  1. O, you are bringing back memories. I never made raffia dolls, but I made a killing selling mop doll, which look the same.

    The “craft” bug hit me when I was REALLY young. I was about 10 and made poodle dogs. yarn balls tied to a coat hanger form and looked like a poodle. My sister sold a ton of them for me at $3.00 each. Those dogs were in the back of about every car in town. I sold ANYTHING word of mouth from then on. For some reason I must have needed validation for my talent. About 10 years ago I gave the selling to the public up. I hated the part about trying to decide what would appeal to people next. I had that part all wrong (IMHO) They are supposed to want what I make, not make what they want LOL. I’d never make a living at it! I’m just a craft putzer. Sell a little here and there and donate to my pet causes. And I am happy. THAT is my satisfaction.

    O, forgot. That organization part. When I didn’t work I painted the whole interior of the house every January. No, I look at the walls, see a spot, won’t come off, wait till I get so many I can’t stand it..then maybe I’ll paint. Most of our walls are stained and varnished barn siding now.
    But, I cleaned my bead table after Christmas..now that’s what I call orgainizing!

  2. I totally agree with “I learned that “making something” is like giving your spirit a vitamin!”
    I love to draw and get the same feeling

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