Afternoon Delights

Vintage Czech Teardrops
It seems like quite a while since I “played” with beads.

By that I mean – since I sat down for a few moments without any particular design in mind.

So yesterday afternoon, when faced with the choice of cleaning out a closet, or making a little something with my beads – the beads won.

I pulled out a few interesting-looking lampwork candidates, some crystals, wire, findings, and my tools.

Earrings are always fun because you can make a few pairs in the time it would take to make one necklace – and time was rather short yesterday.

Here are the results. They’re now in my shop. 🙂


I’m so glad I made it a point to make something instead of cleaning that closet, though. It’s important to nurture the creative side whenever we can! (See: Finding your Bliss with Beads)

No need for me to worry. Nobody is going to steal the closet-cleaning job. No way. No how. It will be there.

But, having a little fun yesterday was just what I needed to inspire me to begin planning some great new projects for 2009!

Hey, if the closet has to wait until spring – so be it. 😉



Afternoon Delights — 8 Comments

  1. Well, you made he right choice, beads is better than bunnies, dust bunnies of course.

    I really like the lampwork beads on the purple earrings. I never really looked at lampwork before because I thought it was all that bumpy kind of bead. But recently I have been looking at the “artisan” type lampwork and it is really wonderful. I think etsy and beaders showcase have opened up a whole nother world to me. My bead knowledge is growning, but I think I am going to be a bead embroiderer for a while.

    Stay warm there, the freeze is coming your way.

  2. Thanks don_mae!

    I like the more ornate bead caps too!

    I bought a small supply of them a couple of years ago and I thought they were expensive at the time. Now I’m glad I did though, because they’ve gone up a lot since then!

  3. Oh Carol,

    Dust bunnies!!! lol 🙂

    You are a riot!!!

    As you are noticing lampwork – I’m noticing bead embroidery! Isn’t that fun!?!

    The frrrr-ee-zze is here!!! It’s sooo cold! We were supposed to get a snowstorm, too. Then the weather guy said that it was too cold to snow!!!

  4. Pretty beads! I would love to learn how to make jewerly. Its probably not as easy as it looks.

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