Pulling Strings

Greetings Kids! 😀
I hope you had a great weekend – one with a little bit of fun and a whole lot of relaxation!

How about a story to start off the week?


Once upon a time, Crystal and Sir Beads took a trip to the Czech Republic to visit their daughter, who was there on a study abroad semester. (You may remember Crystal showed you some decorated eggs that she found in Prague on that trip.)

But Prague is also famous for other things, including handmade marionettes. You see them everywhere. Some are incredibly detailed. They are often used in the musical performances that are going on numerous times a day in venues all over the city.

Sir Beads and Crystal were enchanted with the marionettes they saw. There was one shop, in particular, where marionettes were the only product offered. There were princesses, and scary creatures, and comical characters, and . . .


(Double-click to enlarge.)

Sir Beads loved Pinocchio when he was a little boy. He and Crystal fell in love with the version of Pinocchio they discovered in that puppet shop. He was carved from wood with colorful handmade clothes – quite a handsome fella! They decided he had to travel back home with them. The shopkeeper provided a long, sturdy box to protect him on the journey.

When Sir Beads and Crystal arrived at an airport in Europe, on their way home, they were carrying that long narrow box. Security officials eyed them a little suspiciously and then gruffly motioned for them to get out of line and approach the customs area. They were led to a long table and the stern-looking man behind the table asked:

“What is in that box?”

Sir Beads answered that it was a marionette. “Yes, a puppet.” Crystal added.

The official raised an eyebrow. He instructed the couple to give the box to him. He eyed the length and width of the package and then took out a box opener and swiftly cut the tape. He opened the cover and brusquely ripped at the inner wrappings.

With a final flourish, he ripped the last piece of paper packing that was covering the contents of the box . . .

Immediately, he let out a soft cry of surprise and childlike delight as he cooed:

Ohhhhh, PINOCCHIO!!!!!!!

It was an amazing transformation. One second he was a gruff official and the next he was a sentimental little boy.

He was then all apologies that he didn’t have the proper tape to re-bind the box. He carefully replaced the packing paper and found some scotch tape, which he applied with diligence. Incredibly, he smiled as he said goodbye.

Sir Beads and Lady Crystal sighed in relief. They looked at each other with a look that said, “Are we having fun, yet?” They knew that this was a story they’d be telling in the future – whenever a visitor to their home noticed Pinocchio for the first time.


“Show and Tell Tuesday” tomorrow! See you then. 🙂




Pulling Strings — 4 Comments

  1. I loved this story and Pinocchio is so cute. You have a really unique collection of souvenirs which gives you wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing. I believe that with all the smuggled drugs and other things that officers have to deal with it sometimes makes them seem jaded, it must have been such a shock to see the officer become so concerned about Pinocchio.

    I hope everyone is keeping warm and dry.

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  2. Thanks for the National Day list for this week Kelly.

    Great story, Crissie. My youngest grandson loves marionettes. He has quite a collection going of them and ventriloquist dolls. Yesterday we packed “kid” stuff away that was on display in his room. The “dolls” are still out. No one ever makes fun of him that he has them, either. He is quite the entertainer.

    Have a great day, EVERYONE!!

  3. What a great story – I can imagine the memories that security guard must have had as he looked at Pinocchio.

    Hey Kelly – I like the National Hug Day. Free hugs everyone!

  4. What a great story, Crystal…and what a beautiful Pinocchio. I just love his smile!

    xoxo Paulette 🙂

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