Name Game

Wanna play a game? πŸ˜‰

The way this works is that you use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

(I’ll start!)

Your Name – Crystal
Four letter word – coat
Boy’s name – Charlie
Girl’s name – Cinderella
Occupation – carpenter
Color – charcoal
Beverage – coca cola
Something found in a bathroom – counter
A Place – Cape Cod
Reason for being late – car trouble
Food – cereal
Something you shout – Come on in!

Ok, now it’s your turn! πŸ˜€




Name Game — 15 Comments

  1. Your Name – Clenna
    Four letter word – cats
    Boy’s name – Clark
    Girl’s name – Claire
    Occupation – care giver
    Color – chartreuse
    Beverage – cocoa
    Something found in a bathroom – curtains
    A Place – Canada
    Reason for being late – coughing
    Food – chocolate
    Something you shout – Clever!

  2. The simple things in life make you happy!!
    Ok, I’ll play.

    Your Name – Carol
    Four letter word – cars
    Boy’s name – carl
    Girl’s name – cara
    Occupation – caretaker
    Color – carmel
    Beverage – carrot juice
    Something found in a bathroom – carpet
    A Place – Carribean
    Reason for being late – car jacking
    Food – carrot
    Something you shout – CRAP!

    Did you happen to notice that I took this game up a notch? Each item starts with the first 3 letters of my name.
    I’m coming back to check out what you all post.
    Good Game, Crissie

  3. Your Name – Kelly
    Four letter word – Kelp
    Boy’s name – Kevin
    Girl’s name – Kelsey
    Occupation –Kinesiologist
    Color – Kelly Green ( I had to use that one) Khaki is too bland.
    Beverage – Kahlua
    Something found in a bathroom – Kleenex
    A Place – Killarney, Ireland
    Reason for being late – Keys locked in car.
    Food – Kinder Egg (a chocolate with a surprise inside)
    Something you shout-KOOL

  4. Ooo – fun!

    Your Name – Yona
    Four letter word – yawn
    Boy’s name – Yancy
    Girl’s name – Yolanda
    Occupation – yodeler
    Color – yellow
    Beverage – Yoohoo!
    Something found in a bathroom – yellow shower curtain
    A Place – Ypsilanti, Michigan
    Reason for being late – yard sale (lol)
    Food – yam
    Something you shout: Yes!

  5. Very cool, Carol!!!

    Great use of “c” in your praise of Carol, Clenna!

    Kelly is a smart cookie too!

    AmandaSue – great answers!

    Yona – Love yours, too!

    Maybe we should do this next week with another letter!! πŸ™‚

  6. Your Name – AmandaSue
    Four letter word – Axel
    Boy’s name – Aiden
    Girl’s name – Ava
    Occupation – Artist
    Color – Aqua
    Beverage – Apple Juice
    Something found in a bathroom – Aspirin
    A Place – Argentina
    Reason for being late – Appointment ran late
    Food – applesauce
    Something you shout – Abra Cadabra! (did I spell that right?)

    Fun game! Definately had me thinking for awhile on some of the answers though

  7. Your Name – Monica
    Four letter word – Mice
    Boy’s name – Michael
    Girl’s name – Mindy
    Occupation – Maid
    Color – Mauve
    Beverage – Mike’s Hard Lemonade
    Something found in a bathroom – Makeup Mirror
    A Place – Madrid
    Reason for being late – Miles of Traffic
    Food – Morrocan Chicken
    Something you shout – Move over!

  8. Hey, wait for me!! I am a day late for the party.

    Well, here goes.

    Your Name – Donna
    Four letter word – dust
    Boy’s name – Dylan
    Girl’s name – Diana
    Occupation – Doctor
    Color – Denim (this was a hard one)
    Beverage – Dr Pepper
    Something found in a bathroom – LOL!! Can I pass on this one?
    A Place – Denmark
    Reason for being late – Didn’t set the alarm.
    Food – Delmonico steaks (my favorite)
    Something you shout – Dinner’s ready!!

  9. Can I help Donna?

    Something found in a bathroom – Dust (or atleast in my bathroom LOL!)

  10. Thanks for chiming in Mujercita!!! πŸ™‚

    Not too late at all, Donna – and AmandaSue added something above to help you on that one answer. πŸ˜‰

    I’m having a ball reading all these fab answers!!! You Kids are so much fun! πŸ™‚

  11. I am REALLY late to the party! Hope I didn’t miss it!

    Your Name – Allison
    Four letter word – ante
    Boy’s name – Adam
    Girl’s name – Annelise
    Occupation – aviator
    Color – Antique white
    Beverage – apple cider
    Something found in a bathroom – antiperspirant
    A Place – Austin, TX
    Reason for being late – accident
    Food – Apple Jacks
    Something you shout – All clear!

    What fun!

  12. Thanks, Amandasue, dust will work, I have it too. But thinking about the unspeakable word was lots of fun.

    After seeing Allison’s list, I see something I could have used.


  13. Oh what fun! I love games!!!

    Your Name – Paulette
    Four letter word – puff
    Boy’s name – Paul
    Girl’s name – Purl
    Occupation – painter
    Color – Pink!
    Beverage – Pepsi
    Something found in a bathroom – powder
    A Place – Paris
    Reason for being late – Pouring
    Food – pizza
    Something you shout – Peeeter! πŸ˜‰

    xoxo’s Paulette

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