Whaaazzuupp Wednesday


Thought Iโ€™d give you a quick report about what Iโ€™m up to on this fine Wednesday . . .

Working: on jewelry orders.

Thinking: I should make raisin spice cake soon. Sir Beads loves it! (My family recipe is here).

Procrastinating: A trip to the grocery store is on the agenda . . . hmmm, maybe I’ll go tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Crocheting: I just started a lace-y โ€œcowlโ€ scarf that I’ll be working on during “TV Time”.

Watching: Dancing with the Stars – definitely a guilty pleasure.

Planning: to answer some email – ASAP!

Hoping: to receive a few more photos for Show and Tell Tuesdays!

Appreciating: my sweet blog friends!

What are you Kids up to today?




Whaaazzuupp Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. I went Krogering yesterday. My least favorite task. Was out of coffee. Sniffing inside the empty jar for my caffeine fix wasn’t working. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I also went to Michaels, coupon in hand, but nothing in the aisles called out my name.

    Today, my plan is to get started rearranging my craft/computer room.

    Tomorrow, hopefully my car will be filled with stuff to drop off at the Goodwill.

    Send me some of that raisin spice cake. Sounds great!!

  2. Happy Hump Day!!
    Well, you are busier than me. Started my Christmas Afghan last night when my phone rang. Got a 240 chain done…thats it. Gabbed too long.

    Lets see the lacy cowl when you get into it. I made a ton of cowls last year and they were a big hit.

    I’m off to work now, where I will be thinking about what I COULD be doing if I was home!! I hear a stress sick day calling to me!

  3. I’ve been subbing last week and this week. So my days are filled at school – 8th grade science.
    So busy, busy. Evenings have been cooking and enjoying family. Had our little Miss overnight last night. Such fun.

  4. Hey Carol. I made some cowls last year and people at my craft shows asked, “what are these?” ๐Ÿ˜€ Did you sell yours or give as gifts?

  5. After working the election all day yesterday and then class today, I’m relaxing. I did get the kitchen cleaned and some laundry finished. I got a call today, that my dog won a gift basket from the Pet Expo last weekend so I will pick that up either tomorrow or Friday. That’s two raffle baskets that the dog won at events that were held last weekend. I need to send him to the store to buy a lottery ticket for tonights drawing. Don’t forget National Sandwhich day today.

  6. OMG…I didn’t know you had a set of twins as siblings!!! How cool is that! Are they boys, girls, a boy and a girl…identical? I’m always fascinated by twins. We don’t have any in our family, on my side or on hubby’s. ๐Ÿ™

    I was just looking through my saved stuff on my computer and you’d be amazed at how many of your recipes and things I have in there. I’m snatching this recipe to add to my “Crystal” collection! Thank you sweetie!

    I need to go to the grocery store too. I ran in for milk, eggs, bagels and cat food today, but I need to do my weekly biggy…I was going to go tomorrow, but it’s going to rain, so that won’t be any fun. I think I’ll wait another day.

    Sweet dreams!

    xoxo’s Paulette ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I missed National Sandwich Day yesterday. But, hey!! I’ll make one today.

    Thanks, Kelly Ann.

    Hey Crystal. Carol answered my question on my blog.

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