Guess I Must Be Nutty — 12 Comments

  1. I love nuts but they don’t agree with me. I’m always sorry after I eat them.

    Carmel corn. I never met a Carmel Corn Kernal that I didn’t LOVE.
    I was trying not to think of FOOD today!! Can’t eat or drink after 7 AM.
    Thanks Crissie!!! ~lol~

    Go eat some nuts.

  2. Hi Crystal!

    I love nuts too, and you’re so right about 10 pieces being a tease instead of a serving. I can polish off half a can in no time! Cashews are just the yummiest!

    Have a fun day, Sweetie!

    xoxo Paulette

  3. Tootsie Rolls, I don’t even buy them because I will eat the whole bag and they come in bags with 300 of them.

    I also like Goldfish Crackers, some things are not meant to be eaten one at a time.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I am a huge NUT lover.

    I am so addicted to them, that I kid you not, I eat about 10 from the can and hand the can over to “the can keeper”. Hubby hides the can from me. Really good too, since on one occasion, I actually searched through his drawers and cabinets looking for my nuts. 😀

    I am eating pistachios right now. Or was. I ate about a handful then sealed the bag.

    My all time favorite? Smoked Almonds. I just can’t resist them. Those are the ones hubby rations out to me. Otherwise I would eat through them until gone and then complain to him about pains in my feet. (Diabetes) This way works out best for both of us.

  5. Yum I love nuts! I’m a huge Chocolate person, thats why I try not to buy bags of it otherwise I regret it LOL! And coconut? anything with coconut in it, or the smell of anything coconut is heaven to me! I love Almond Joys, I get the best of them all 🙂 haha!

  6. I really like chocolate with nuts, but that is not my weakness. It’s ice cream. If it wasn’t for Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream, I’d be 1,000 pounds. I LOVE ice cream. I haven’t bought full-calorie ice cream in nearly 10 years and Edy’s has the best flavor and texture with less calories and fat.

  7. My sweetie. Oh dearie me, that fella gets me to do the most ludicrous of things….
    like eat whatever awful concoction he’s pushing on me! Argh, I don’t want to get fat, he needs to stop! I suspect he likes big gals…;)

  8. What can’t I resist? Hmmm… cookies, candy, cakes… wouldn’t it be nice if you could say “I just can’t resist fresh fruits and vegetables?”

  9. I’m the same way with peanuts. I’ll give you all the cashews in my house if you give me your peanuts! And don’t get me started on the chocolate covered peanuts (Goobers!)…the best thing to do with nuts is buy those small packets (2 for a dollar usually) so you don’t overdo it.

    Say Crystal, is it okay to go back and comment on previous day’s postings, if I haven’t been following, i.e. is there a time limit on posting comments past the original date? I assume you read all comments no matter what day we post them on? I’m still new to this whole blogging stuff.

  10. Hi Julie 🙂
    Oh yes!!! It is definitely ok for you to comment on ANY post you would like – no matter how old it is. I do read every one of them – and appreciate them very much too!

    Thank you for asking!

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