October Giveaway

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I hope everyone had a delightful weekend.

Why are weekend days the fastest days of the week? We are simply baffled about that here at Bead Happily Ever After. One minute it’s Friday night, and an hour or two later – it’s Monday morning! How can that be?!?!


giftwrapTo help take the sting out of the beginning of a new workweek, I do have a new giveaway! 😀

If you’ve just landed here for the first time, I hope you’ll decide to visit often. We have lots of fun discussing everything! There’s a great group of “regulars” but don’t let that scare you away! They were all “new” at one time. We’d love for you to join us. 🙂

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Now on to the giveaway!

October’s giveaway is this very chic pair of earrings! They’re a rich velvety “hematite” shade of grey, with sparkling silver accents.

I‘ve used some very special vintage Japanese faux pearls in a baroque shape. They’re medium charcoal grey with a gorgeous luster.

The faux pearls are accented with Czech Preciosa “Vitrail” faceted rounds. These Czech beads have a mirrored silvery surface and one side is covered with the lovely Vitrail (rainbow) finish. So elegant – like a tiny disco ball!

Made with only high quality components. All findings are Sterling Silver, including the artisan-crafted earwires.

Contest Rules and How To Enter

Any day you leave a comment on this blog – it is counted as a chance to enter the current giveaway.

For example, if you answer today’s question (you’ll find it below!) that will give you one chance.

But if you then come back tomorrow and comment on tomorrow’s post too – you will have earned another chance – so you’ll have 2 chances!

Return another day, comment, and you add a third chance, and so on.

When you comment, you do not have to mention that it’s an entry in the giveaway. My blog program shows me all of the “comments” as they come in – so I do not miss any of them, and all will count to be entered into the drawing! 😀

Today’s question is:

Do you fold laundry carefully or do you have a more casual approach?

The Boring Stuff . . .
You must be 18 yrs. old. After the completion of the contest, the name of the winner will be listed here. The winner will also be notified by email. If the winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen. The prize will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail

All entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. EST on 10/31/10, and the winner will be selected on or about 11/01/10.



October Giveaway — 66 Comments

  1. Sorry, I wasn’t born with a folding gene! Try as I might, I just do more harm than good!

  2. I’m more casual, my clothes usually come out of the dryer and stay in the hamper until they get worn then go back into the dirty hamper. Unless I get tired of seeing them then i fold them and put them away if I can find any extra time.

  3. I fold pretty carefully! 🙂 I put my clothes in different piles depending on where they go!

  4. I have a more casual approach… sometimes, too casual.
    So… my friends usually said that I look really messy

  5. My husband does the laundry and when I put mine away, I refold all the shirts because he always leaves folds and then all my tops are wrinkled and creased when I put them on. He means well.

  6. I do not fold them right away, I think a few days pass after they are washed and dried 🙂

  7. I am more casual about laundry. When there was only 2 of us, I took my time and did it super carefully, but now there is 5 of us, and there is a ton of laundry. I don’t have time to be careful!!

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