The Honesty of Children

When you write a blog, some days it’s easy to come up with a topic. Other days it’s really tough!

Since nothing is rolling off my keyboard at the moment . . .

How about a little story?

This falls under the heading of “Life’s Embarrassing Moments”. 😉

I was about twelve years old . . .
Gosh, when you think about it, isn’t that the peak time for embarrassment? Everything is changing physically and emotionally. All of the drama, peer pressure, and general angst of the teenage years is on the horizon – if not already on the doorstep.

So as I was saying, I’m 12 yrs old and one day after school the doorbell rings.

I am upstairs in my bedroom and I hear my 5-yr old brother yell: “I’ll get it!”

From the front door, he calls up to me that two of my friends are waiting.

I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I call back down to him,

“Really? Which friends?”

He yells back (with my friends right beside him),

“I don’t know their names, but it’s the fat one and the one with pimples all over her face.”

Well, if I could have flown away, I surely would have! Instead, I had to go downstairs and face the music.

My friends were amazingly good-natured about it, but I wanted to die.

I learned a lesson that day. . .

If somebody says that your friends are waiting, the correct reply is, “I’ll be right there!” 😉

I’ll bet you shudder to think of an embarrassing moment. Care to share one with us?




The Honesty of Children — 9 Comments

  1. How much space do I have?

    In I think, the 4th grade, my teacher wanted to teach me a lesson for sucking my fingers in class, and pours some ointment on them. In front of the whole class.

    In 8th grade, tried out for cheerleading. Didn’t get a single vote.

    In high school, in speech class, forgot my speech. Stood in front of the class, staring at them. With a band of paper curls around my head. I was giving a speech on latest fashions and current hair styles.


    (Let me know if you need more. I am sure I can recall a few more.)

  2. Well, surely that wasn’t the way YOU referred to them? Little brothers say awful things, no sane person- or even a teenage girl- can really hold us accountable for the things our families say, right?

    (I was The Tall One, and maybe The Pushy One. You?)

  3. I’ll share one of many of my embarrassing moments. When I was in college I shared a room with another girl. The phone rang and a guy asked for her. I told him she was in the john, and could I take a message. He said to tell her John called. (I was so embarrassed)

  4. Oh my gosh, that was a real doozy, Crystal! You never know what those little ones will say! How mortifying! Thank goodness they just shrugged it off.

    Even on a day when you can’t think of anything to write, you have a great post, and I’m leaving here with a smile on my face! Thanks for the giggles!

    Have a fun day!!!

    Paulette 😀

  5. I cannot think of any that I personally did (probably have just blocked them all out), but my daughter was a constant source of inappropriate observations in public when she was younger. Most took place at the grocery store: two that I can think of right off the top of my head: Once she saw a dwarf (or little person, not sure which is PC), and she SHOUTED: “Look! An elf!”. Another time we were behind a woman with lots of moles on her neck and face, she went up to her and asked her what was wrong with her face, why was it bumpy? The lady was so sweet and good natured about the whole thing, she said, “Oh honey, I just have some moles.” I could have died.
    Of course, she was under 5 at the time; now she is almost 12 and her dad & I are embarrassing her!! (And we thought we were cool!)

  6. as i sit here chuckling, this story gives me a case of deja vu……i had something very similar happen to me when i was about that age, too!!! aren’t brothers just the epitome of tact and good manners?!!! heeheehee xoxo

  7. How awful! Aren’t little brothers just the worst? Good thing they tend get better as they get older.

    You know, when I try to think of a specific embarrassing moment I can never come up with one. I like to think that it’s just because I never got embarrassed, but I’m pretty sure I just blocked it all out, because I definitely remember being an incredibly awkward teen/pre-teen. I guess ignorance is bliss though!

  8. MMm cant think of something specific,probably because i was painfully shy with a mother that definatly wasnt so everything was embarrissing to me especially with a mother trying to push me forward all the time.I think now they call it social anxiety but then everything is labelled now,why cant we let kids just be kids:)

  9. Well, I can’t think of any of mine. But I can tell you plenty of Lauries!

    When Laurie was small, she was a commercial mime.

    How bout in the grocery store in that “aisle” and she yells out Mom don’t forget the maxi pads!

    Or when she went to the neighbors to play, she opened the closet door to hang up her coat and said . This looks like a good place for a stick up.

    I got plenty more of these. Her best friends parents were our best friends. The dad used to call all the time and ask if it was time for Chatty Cathy to come home ~lol~

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