The Old Man Is Snoring

It’s raining;
It’s pouring.
The old man is snoring . . .

Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte, 1877


It’s been raining for 3 days now. I don’t mind the rain; it’s the dreariness!

You know those days when you need to have the lights on from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night.

I find I can’t bead on such days because even with a bright lamp (an Ott-Light ), the colors are often difficult to match. Just trying to do household cleaning is tougher, too, because the dust is harder to spot.

“And this is a bad thing, Crystal? Isn’t it good to have an excuse not to dust?”

I must admit; you’ve got me there. 😉


Rainy spells always make me feel sorry for people in places where it rains for weeks at a time – like Ireland and England.

It’s then I realize I have little reason to complain.

Do you find that dreary weather messes up your usual routine?



For info on the painting shown above, click here.


The Old Man Is Snoring — 16 Comments

  1. Rainy days (too many of them) can be a downer.

    One thing though, around my neighborhood……. rain means no barking dogs, no basketballs bouncing, no lawn mowers mowing. 😀

  2. Absolutely, when we get cloudy days for a week or so I’m ready to scream. I have found that going to the botanical garden helps because they have a tropical area that I can walk around. Hopefully, it will quit raining there soon.
    I have never been a fan of rainy, cloudy days they suck the motivation right out of me. Then there is the dogs, I have to wipe their paws everytime they go in and out.
    I have noticed that people’s tempers get short when there is no sun for a few days too.

  3. rainy days for a week would be a blessing here. we are 5 inches of rain short for the year. how could this happens when we had such a rainy spring and plenty of days to complain!

    rainy days make me want to be busy cleaning the house and other things that need to be done. but then, I usually don’t have to match bead colors!

    have a great day. 11:30 and I just woke up!

  4. i lived in brussels for a year, and kinda got used to the rain and dreariness….but i must admit that it wasn’t easy for this florida sunshine girl!! of course, the good news about rain is that it offers the perfect environment for a bag of hot popped buttered popcorn, a chocolate bar, and a good sappy movie……

  5. Rainy days and preschoolers don’t mix. There have been way too many days this week and last that my Preschool class couldn’t go out for recess. We even had to cancel our field trip to the apple farm. Rain rain go away!

  6. The rain is a distraction. I want to just curl up and read books or watch movies on the laptop. I don’t see it as dreary – I think it’s romantic!

  7. Well, we live in Washington state and we’re famous for our rain. I now prefer the rain to, say, hot sunny days (which we only get for maybe a month at most)…and I grew up in L.A. so that’s weird. I even don’t mind rain in the spring or summer cuz I don’t have to do gardening, which I hate.
    P.S. I love that painting, I clicked on the info and I’d never seen it before so thanx for the art education too!

  8. I dont mind rainy days once in awhile, I actually find them refreshing once in awhile and I actually get more cleaning and baking done since I know there isn’t anything else much to do on a dreary day! But I definately wouldn’t want to live somewhere were it rained all the time!

    So Crystal, what do you end up doing on rainy days? Do you snore your day away like the old man in the poem? LOL!

  9. Hi AmandaSue 🙂
    No snoring, but it it can be boring! 😉
    I usually spend rainy days catching up on laundry, paying bills, making appointments, sorting/organizing paperwork. You know – all the stuff you don’t want to do on a lovely sunny day!

  10. Days and days of rain can make me a little nuts, but sometimes it’s nice to sit near the window with a hot cup of something and a favorite magazine, and listen to the rain … and then if the sun comes out, we get to look for rainbows! 😀

    Wishing you lots of rainbows, Crystal!!!


  11. I enjoy the dreary days. However, after the flooding that my suburb of nashville got this past spring, i look at it much differently.

  12. Hi Crystal,
    Just stopping in to say “Hello”
    on a dark and stormy night.
    The area I live in is called The
    Sunshine Coast, but not today.
    I had to take my knitting projects
    off of the table on my deck before
    they blew away. The deck roof is
    covered with some hard plastic
    panels and the rain sounds so
    beautiful when it hits the panels.

  13. I don’t mind a rainy day here and there. I even like to watch the rain out the living room window. If it goes on for too long though it gets a little too dreary for me.

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