It’s Just Around The Corner!

The calendar says . . . it’s August.

Little Bear says . . . “It’s a beach day!

Crystal says . . . “Woo hoo! The new Hallmark Christmas Ornaments are in the stores”! 🙂

I know! I’m a big kid . . . but I couldn’t resist this Fisher Price Jet Plane.

My kids had the full-sized toy years ago and spent many happy times playing with it. When I spotted this Hallmark ornament version recently, the memories came flooding back, and I just couldn’t resist buying it for our Christmas tree. December 25th is around the corner ya know!

Of course, I’ve hardly ever met an ornament I didn’t “need”.

Please click here to read the whole sordid story!!!! 😉




It’s Just Around The Corner! — 7 Comments

  1. I read “Just Around The Corner” and I thought immediately…fall. Man are YOU jumping the gun!!

    I used to collect Halmark Ornaments. I bought my daughter several collections as she grew up. I bought my grandsons a few when they were little. When I met my brother, I sent his kids an ornament every year from a collection that was appropriate to their favorite things.

    I didn’t know how much they all cherished those ornaments. My oldest neice mentioned to me a few months ago how much she loved receiving them and thinks of me especially when she decorates the Christmas tree.

    I haven’t bought an ornament in years. I think its because they are just too expensive.

  2. Oh boy! I’m first today!!!

    Yes, Woo hoo to Christmas starting to show up in our stores, especially when it’s so darn hot outside! I wish I could just climb on board and fly away to the North Pole for the remainder of the summer! This is so adorable, Crystal! … I loved that older post!

    xoxo Paulette

  3. Its 100 degrees outside today, I just cannot wait till it cools off. Looking at christmas ornaments helps me think of cooler weather. When we go on vacation, we stop at a christmas house and get an ornament which we have personalized with the date. This is great for remembering all the wonder trips we have taken together and the fun times we had on those trips.

  4. SHHH! for years i started making gifts in the summer so id be done by christmas but now i want to just enjoy now,every second,every day enjoying now.

  5. I adore the Hallmark ornaments. The FischerPrice Jet Plane brings
    back memories for me. I used to play with the toy with my two
    nieces! I buy a lot of the Hallmark ornaments on a yearly basis
    for my family and friends.
    Great post…Cindi

  6. I refuse to discuss anything about Christmas!!! (But that plane was adorable)

    I don’t like the heat and humidity but don’t want winter to come. Our winter lasts just too long as it is.

  7. I just love ornaments! I have a hard time resisting them myself 🙂 There was one point when all the ornaments on my tree were color coordinated, but I had to give that up for the hodgepodge of ornaments I’ve collected since then. I try to pick up an ornament every time I travel somewhere! Hopefully I’ll have a treeful some day.

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