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giftwrapHappy February!

I know . . . it’s still winter.

The temperatures have been so coooold and Spring is several weeks away, but let’s not think about that. Let’s concentrate on something fun – like free beads!!! 😉

This week’s giveaway will be a little shopping spree in my Bead Shop on etsy!

Yep, that’s right! If you are the winner this week, you’ll be able to spend $15.00 on the beads and findings of your choice and get free shipping too! 😀

Even if you’ve never “played” with beads before, here’s your chance to give it a try. I’m sure all of the beaders out there would enthusiastically tell you that you are going to love it!


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Today’s question is:

In all of your years at school – from the early years to the later years – which one teacher was your favorite and why was this teacher memorable?


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Giveaway – Beads Shopping Spree! — 66 Comments

  1. Hmmm, that is a hard one, not because I have big list to choose from but because there are many Teachers that I care to forget! and I am a Teacher myself so that is saying something! I look back and I think what were they thinking!
    So my favourite teacher was my teacher that I worked with to get my degree! She was fabulous and took the time to teach me everything I needed to know and no question was a stupid question. She made me want to teach, although I am home with bubs now!

  2. Oooh, beads! And FINDINGS! If I win, can I get your advice on what to grab?;P

    I had a few teachers I liked; but the most important, absolute favorite, was my 7th grade math teacher, Mr.Sullivan. First male teacher I ever had! And the one and only teacher, in any level of my schooling, to make math the slightest bit comprehensible. No exaggeration; I went to his class barely able to add and subtract. I was a smart kid, top of the class in everything, except this one crippling deficit, and my schools were sufficiently lousy that no teacher had time to bother helping the smart quiet kid who couldn’t add without using her fingers. I’d given up; there are ways around using math, if you’re smart otherwise. And I didn’t see the point in crying over it.
    Mr. Sullivan had a mad passion for the subject that made me wonder what anyone could find so compelling. And he would stay after school and tutor anyone, any day of the week, for as long as they wanted, or until the school closed. We’re talking five days a week, four hours a day. I was the only kid who actually asked for that much help; maybe I was the only one who needed it. But if I was willing to spend the time, he was actually eager to stay late, helping me and a small rotating group of regulars catch up to some idiot-simple concept like fractions and division. He used games and experiments and all kinds of wild quantum concepts to bring this simple stuff home to me; when he realized I learned best verbally, he had *me* tutor other kids, and write word problems, and skin me if it didn’t *work*. A lot of other kids, and all of the teachers, thought he was crazy, and he was, in a mad-scientist way; math was his faith, and he wanted to share it. And for me, it worked.
    I finished 7th grade with my math skills at an 8th grade level. Sadly, that’s about where I still am. Understandably, I never had another teacher with the same wild love of numbers, or the willingness and skill to crack my obvious learning disability. I’ll never have the skill to learn more on my own. My math ability is notably retarded, in the real meaning of the word. But because of that one teacher, no other, I can balance my budget and understand loans and modify recipes; I can figure out statistics and take care of the basic things every adult should be able to do. And I have the faintest understanding of the bigger ideas behind them, the universal language that lets scientists unwind the genetic code and put satellites in space.
    Thanks, Mr.Sullivan, wherever you are.

  3. Hi Crissie

    This is a very generous give a way! I can honestly tell everyone that I have bought beads from you and they are waaaay prettier than the pictures show.

    My memorable teacher was my second AND third grade teacher, Mrs. Brown. Ok, I admit I was a teachers pet a lot of the time. I got good grades and usually completed assignments quickly and quietly. When you are just a little kid, that’s probably real important to a teacher. However, I don’t remember why I would go to her house after school. I think she probably knew that my home situation was not the best so you could probably consider her to be a mentor. But I do remember baking cookies there. We remained friends all through the next 6 years I went to school there. She also recommended me to her friends as a babysitter. I don’t know where she is now, but if Catherine Brown should happen to read this, you were a very special person in my life.

    Now, we could talk about my 5th grade teacher. I can’t remember her name, but I see Sister ????’s face even now. She was one of those hit your knuckles for no reason at all nuns that made life miserable!! I don’t think anyone liked her, and I can’t think of anyone she liked. Ok, lets forget her now!!

    Hope you have some sun today, but not tomorrow because I don’t want no ground hogs seeing their shadow, no matter where they live!!
    xx, Carol

  4. I just won your beautiful GILDED GALAXY earrings, so I’ll just answer the question without entering!

    I had a nice fifth grade teacher…in fact, the only nice teacher I ever had! She was from Italy and I thought her the most gorgeous lady in the world. For Christmas she gave me a little pepper plant she had grown from a seed — that ornamental pepper went on to spawn thousands of offspring! She was such a special teacher, because I was an abused and neglected child, missing teeth, emaciated, only one school outfit, dreadlocks due to no grooming, etc…yet she was kind where others were mean. I am sure she has gone to her reward now…I hope to meet her again on the Other Side!

  5. My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher. I was the new kid in school and she made me feel like she was so happy to have me there. She was a tiny little woman but she had complete control of all of us, and she read aloud to us and would do all the voices and accents. She read The Secret Garden and it’s still one of my favorite books.

    For the next 35 years we sent cards and letters to each other. She never married so when I got married and subsequently had children, she was very excited. She sent teddy bears to my girls and we called her Grandma Gene.

    As Gene got older, she had a couple of strokes and could no longer see well enough to write, so a friend of hers would read aloud the letters I sent, and would write back to me as Gene dictated. Then came the very sad day when her friend sent me a letter telling me that Gene had passed away. I am getting teary right now thinking of it. She was such a wonderful friend and the best teacher a shy, frightened new kid could ever have had.

    Bless you, Gene.

  6. Ooooh, what great stories! So many teachers have been so inspirational to so many individuals. What a noble profession.
    My favorite teacher was my senior English teacher, Mrs. Windsor. (I always thought that was a perfect name for a teacher that taught British Lit) I had always been a big reader, but she truly gave me an understanding for the classics such as Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare. We memorized sonnets (some of which I can still remember) and read plays. I was a bit of a wild child back then, I had severe haircuts and often colored my hair in wild colors, wore crazy outfits and weird makeup, but Mrs. Windsor saw beyond all that and gave me a chance to shine where other teachers would not have. I still appreciate her for giving me a love of English literature. I went on to major in Medieval British Lit in college!
    I saw Mrs. Windsor at a play (I believe it was A Christmas Carol) a few years ago. She had been retired from teaching for quite a while but I was amazed at how many people went up to her and greeted her in the theatre! I guess I was not the only one that she touched!
    Another teacher that has touched my life was actually never MY teacher. Zoe Jackson taught my husband 3rd grade and my daughter had the good fortune to get her for 3rd grade as well. Both consider her as their favorite; she made them feel very special and for that I hold her dearly in my heart. What a great lady; she is the kind of teacher that comes along once in a lifetime. I am just glad she came along twice for my family!

  7. First want to say what a lovely site and store, all those goodies sparkling! First time posting here, so this is a really fun kind of give away. Hands down, Mr. Versace, my 11th grade English teacher, sigh..

    High school sucked I know as it did for most people. I just didn’t have the physical and emotional support at home to do better. Not that I’m blaming my family, that’s the way it was though. I was so lost emotionally. I had a boyfriend who was a punk rocker and thought myself madly in love with him, and got into a lot of trouble with him. Especially, ditching high school, which ultimately ended up with me dropping out.

    However, Mr. Versace really intrigued me. Not only was he incredibly good-looking, suave and intelligent, he was really kind. He was the only connection I had to tether me down in a world where storms prevailed over me. I remember all the creative writing assignments he gave us and he always read mine out loud. I’d be squirming in my seat with embarrassment, but more with pride and a great joy someone was recognizing me. When I knew I was going to be asked to leave by the school principal, I came to say goodbye to Mr. Versace. I could tell he was sad and concerned. He said, “Wendy, come check in sometime and let me know how you’re doing.” I was taken back and sad myself so said a bit flippantly, “I will, when I’m rich and famous.” He replied with a sincerity that threw me back even more, “you don’t have to wait until then. Just come in.” Both he and I knew it would be the last time to see each other.

    I’ve always thought about him and wish I could go back in time and tell him what a gift he gave to me, when no other adult really saw me the way he did. My upcoming blog, is in no small way an outgrowth of him validating who I was that has sustained me all these years.

  8. My ninth grade english teacher is the most intelligent, interesting man I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Although it was years ago, I’m still inspired by him to this day when I’m writing.

  9. Hi Crystal!

    You are so generous Sweetie! What a great giveaway (as always!!!)

    Well, I’m plum tuckered out after reading these great comments!

    I had two teachers I really loved. Miss Letson, my kindergarten teacher, and Miss Condelles, my 4 and 5 grade teacher.

    I wrote to Miss Letson every year until she passed away about 5 years ago. After she retired from teaching, she traveled the world. I looked forward to her Christmas letters each year to read about where she’d gone. She was such a lovely lady.

    Then there was Miss Condelles. I just adored her. She taught us girls how to sew up aprons on the days the boys were in gym class, and we made pinatas from scratch! I made a pig. Isn’t it funny the things you remember! Of course, it’s the crafty stuff that sticks out in my mind!

    You have to tell us something about your favorite teacher, Crystal. I’d love to hear!

    Paulette xoxo

  10. Most memorable.. either Mr. Brett, my grade 4 teacher, who was also the librarian and liked to use our heads as armrests, or Greg Ball, who I knew socially before taking a screenprinting class from him. We had so much fun mocking him, and he loved it enough to play along.

  11. My favorite teacher is my A- Level Chemistry teacher, I think it’s because of the way he teaches and his commitment to his students.

  12. My favourite teacher was my Kindergarden teacher.
    She went out of her way to make us all feel special.
    She had the school set up in her huge living room and
    dining room. She did this so she could stay home with her
    young children and work at the same time. She made this
    a memorable time for me because she was my Mom.

  13. My favorite teacher was my Math teacher. She was so kind and sweet to me and a great teacher. I will always remember her.

  14. My favorite teacher was the one who taught us in grades 2 to 4. She was caring , good natured, and not bored by her job. Besides, she liked to organize plays and other art events at school, so our whole class got to be actors:) That was really fun, and as our audience usually was only our parents, I can’t remember any bad cases of stage fear. Actually, I think those plays has helped me to get used to speaking before public, which came quite useful in my later life.

  15. My favourite teacher was Mrs. Tedesco, grade 9 History… she made the class fun by letting us do projects as we wanted to do them. There was little book reading or note taking… it was great.

  16. I think my most memorable teacher was Mr. O’Driscoll from high school. I don’t remember any specific reason why, but he was really popular with the kids. I think he realated well to high school age kids so we respected him as a teacher as well as thought of him as a friend.

  17. My sewing teacher because she actually cared about the students. I remember I had put in my zipper 3 times and the fabric pulled funny so I kept having to re-do it and I was cutting it close the deadline so she took out the zipper for me and sewed it back in. I had the basic ideas but at 14 my skills just weren’t there. Thanks Mrs. E.

  18. The most memorable teacher is with no doubt my Highschool English teacher. She was so kind and caring, had lots of patience and made English my fav subject!

  19. Ms Furtek, 11th grade English. Everyone all through out highschool said she was mean and she never gave A’s to anyone. So of course I was nervous and determined to ace her class. All though it was a very tough class, and Ms Furtek could have been alittle nicer, she pushed us all, and I did get an A that semester. She also really loved Bob Dylan (had his haircut too!!!) so that made her memorable as well!!!!!

  20. My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Price. I was new to the school and she made me feel so welcome. Her class was always so fun, too. Never a dull learning moment.

  21. I have had multiple teachers. Because I tend to be on the lazy side, I really liked the ones who pushed me to be my best. That includes my 5th grade teacher and Accounting Teacher.

  22. Well I was home schooled so my favorite teacher is my mom, she sacrificed so much to homeschool all SIX of her kids! and I love her for it!!

  23. My favorite teacher was Mr. Dilbeck in 6th grade. The only way to put it is that gave me wings to fly. No one ever encouraged so much and enjoyed his job the way he did. I cannot imagine who I would be without his enthusiasm, which caught hold in me and lit a fire.

  24. My favorite teacher was Mr.Baker my 7th grade english teacher!
    I learned sooo much from him and you could tell he really cared about his students and his teaching style was so energetic and memorable! I actually had his wife as my music teacher in elementary school and she was amazing as well!

  25. Ooh Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    As, for the question of the day… I’m going to have to go with one of my English teachers. Her name is Mrs. Rothwell. I had her for Junior year English in high school. We got to read so many great books that year…like Catcher In The Rye and Great Gatsby. She really opened my eyes to this new world of literature that I just couldn’t get enough of and encouraged my writing. I actually enjoyed doing her homework. Even today- when I’m at work, writing a script- I think of her. She was like my muse!

  26. Wow! That’s tough. I’d have to pick my high school biology teacher, for the simple reason that at the time, I thought he was HOT! HOT! 🙂

    But seriously, my high school algebra teacher because she showed me that math isn’t as terrible as everyone thinks it is and it can be easy and almost fun.

  27. I will never forget my senior English teacher. Her name is Ms. Biby and she is an amazing lady to say the least. She may have been a tough teacher and some students hated her class, it was one class that I always looked forward to because there was never a dull moment and you always learned something! She made learning fun and entertaining and I will never forget her!

  28. My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher. I remember how kind she was and how she always had a smile on her face.

  29. LoL…well I was homeschooled, so I only had two teachers and since they are my parents I SUPPOSE I have to pick them as my favorites 😉

  30. My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher. She was more than just my teacher, she was my friend! She related to students on a personal level, truly caring about our well-being!

  31. My favorite teacher would have to be my 11th grade math teacher, Mr. Huynh. He immigrated to the U.S from Vietnam when he was a young boy, (about 7 years old) and learned how to speak English! Even though he struggled, he continued to strive to learn the language, and finally was able to catch up on the rest of the learning. He taught me how to be respectful and determined, and to never underestimate myself. Even though his class was extremely difficult, and i wasnt very good at Trigonometry, he inspired me to take Calculus in 12th grade! I will never forget his smile and his animated way of teaching 🙂

  32. My favorite teacher was my Gr.10 and 12 English teacher. He is one the most pleasant and most sincere people I have ever met. And he brought an incredible amount of passion to his subject. I have always loved literature, but he is probably at the root of my love for writing.

  33. With a few exceptions all my teachers were great both as educators and on a personal level.
    But my favourite was one of my first teachers in primary school. From the moment I started I was desperate to be in her class.
    She was so elegant and well dressed with a lovely voice and also an excellent teacher. I simply basked in her presence. If she ever reprimanded me I was heartbroken.
    One day she even came to tea at our house. I felt so honoured.

  34. My fave teacher was my art teacher – she was young and hip (she was 23 at the time when we were 17), with crazy colored hair and funky clothes. All the boys liked her cos she was pretty. But us girls liked her because she could relate to us (as she wasn’t much older) and really nurtered our love for art. She was a breath of fresh air!

  35. My favouroite teacher would have to have been a Mr. Dolan. He was my english teacher in Jr. High and one of the few teachers who truly practiced what he preached and respected his students, which is really a wake up call when as a 9th grader your used to being ignored by adults or your ideas downgraded. Mr. Dolan expected alot of respect, disipline, and hard work, but he always gave back more both in life teachings and in education.

  36. My Anatomy professor my Sophomore year of college, he pushed us so hard that year that everything else seemed like a breeze afterwards! 🙂

  37. My favorite teacher had to be my Physics teacher from my Senior year of high school. I was facing a very difficult time in my life then, and he was one of the only people I felt like I could really talk to.

  38. Mine was my English teacher in Grade 5 i think. Most memorable because she always asked me questions that the other kids couldn’t answer and she knew i wanted to answer them.

  39. My favorite teacher was my french teacher, last year of high school. He was old, poised, had piercing blue eyes and he was very harsh on us. Most were scared of him and couldn’t wait to get out of that class. He was so well-mannered and polite, it was impossible not to be respectful. But behind that stoic face and that slightly faded smile, I discovered someone with a passion for words, who encouraged me to write, write and write; something I’d never been into before he got me to do it. To this day I’m thankful we crossed paths. He’s deceased now, but at his funeral, I saw at least 50 of his old students, there to pay him due respects. 🙂

  40. My favorite teacher was Mrs Shissler my sixth grade teacher, I grew up without a mother and my father just didn’t understand a girls emotional needs, my teacher spent a lot of time talking to me about my problems, she was a true inspiration to me, and she had a wonderful way of teaching as well.

  41. My all time favorite teacher was Mrs. Parnell, she was actually our school counselor but she also taught Drama 🙂 She was just so down to earth and easy to talk to. I never felt like she was treating us like children and I just couldn’t wait to spend time around her.

  42. My favorite teacher was Mr Margiotta, my chorus instructor. He was an excellent teacher and showed me to love singing. He also treated me as an equal which made me want to learn.

  43. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Castner. She was my 7th and 8th grade gym teacher. Her husband Mr. Castner taught the boys. It was great that they could work together, and show us that. And now I am a gym teacher as well.

  44. I had a teacher who truly inspired me to learn, encouraged me to share my thoughts, and always made me smile. My teacher would devote a lot of effort into making class intellectual while allowing students to learn.

  45. Well I think it would have to be Mr. Butler, my chorus teacher. I really liked how he taught and what kind of a person he was. I am still friends to this day with him.

  46. my favorite teacher was from 4th grade, mrs. adams. every week she would pass around a cookie tin with little pieces of paper in them. on each piece of paper was a topic. we each had to write an essay or a story about whatever our sheet of paper indicated.

    mrs. adams exposed to me my love of writing, learning, and school (even homework!). i credit her with pushing me to do well in grade school, high school, through my college thesis (a full length novel) and into graduate school. she opened my eyes to my talents, and i am eternally indebted to her for that.

  47. My favorite teachers (yeh, I couldn’t pick just one!) were a first school teacher, I was around 6 and she was just so kind to everyone, sadly she has since had a stroke and really has no memory. Another favorite would have been my Class teacher/ English teacher who gave me confidence in my work and then lastly my geography teacher who saw my talents when even I doubted myself.

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