A Girl’s Best Friend

Greetings Kids!
You’re probably in a flurry of activity as we approach “crunch time” for holiday preparations. I know I am, and I thought we could all use a little breath of fresh air in the form of some pretty jewelry to ooh and aah over.

As the song goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But, you know what? I believe ALL jewelry falls under that category! 😉

Today, I have some exquisite creations from etsy artist, MrsJabberJaw to show you! (Don’t you just love her name?)

Mrs. J. designs extraordinary things. I met her when she visited my bead shop for some Vintage Swarovski Cabochons, which she then incorporated into her work.

Take a peek below to see her beautiful results…

Talk about glamour!

And a beautiful necklace….

Even more gorgeous up close!

Currently, MrsJabberjaw is having a “fundraiser” in her etsy shop to raise money for her puppy who needs an operation. The prices are amazing for this event – so be sure to stop by!

After all, even Santa (a.k.a – you!) deserves a treat now and then!


I hope to be back by Friday with a new post, so I’ll see you then!

Hugs and smiles,


Beauty and the Beast

Well, I’ll start with the “beast” . . .

Here in New England, we’re in line to be hit by Hurricane Sandy, a huge storm beginning late Sunday and running through Tuesday. They’re calling it a tropical cyclone and it will bring high winds, flooding, and large areas of power outages.

So, we’ve stocked up on water, batteries, and food that doesn’t need to be cooked. We also filled zip-lock bags with water and they’re freezing in our freezer as I type. That tip was new to me, but I think it’s brilliant. It will give us lots of extra ice to help keep things from spoiling in the fridge should we lose electricity.

Wish us luck! And best wishes to everyone in the path of this storm, which meteorologists have dubbed “Frankenstorm” – both for its ferocity and its proximity to Halloween.


For the “beauty”, here’s a pendant I finished this week. I considered just putting it on a black cord but then decided to make a little necklace to set it off.

The pendant itself is created with a needle and beading thread – utilizing a method called “beadweaving”. I chose a glittering Swarovski rivoli crystal in Tanzanite as the focal point, and surrounded it with a frame of tiny glass seed beads.

Below is a look at the back of the piece to illustrate how the stone actually sits in a basket of seed beads.

I know. I used purple . . . again.

I have no defense.

Is there a support group for purple lovers? 😉



Last Minute Me

Happy Monday, Kids!

Whew, I’m out of breath from running . . .

Not really – but I am just barely getting in under the wire for this week’s Make somethin’ Monday post. 😉

In my defense, it’s not that I haven’t been trying. I actually have 3 things in progress.

“That doesn’t count, Crystal. You need to have one finished.”

Well, luckily I just completed these!

Measuring 2-1/4″ long, these dangle earrings feature Tanzanite Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystals in a medley of shapes and sizes.

I’m thinking they’d be a fab holiday gift for someone on your list . . . or maybe for you? 🙂


P.S. Sending a great big thank you for the sweet comments and emails I received last week regarding the Cup of Bead Soup Design Challenge.

I truly do have the best blog buddies out there!



Ode to Spring Jewelry

Happy Monday, Kids! (or whatever day it is when you visit 🙂 )
Now that we’re officially ensconced in Daylight Saving Time, can Spring be far behind!?!

Whenever I think of Spring, I think of violets. They grow wild around here. When my kids were little – they loved to run in from play and surprise me with violets they had gathered. How I loved seeing the excitement in their faces and those sweet little hands offering up a tiny bouquet.

Hey, Crystal! Is that why you love purple so much?

Hmmm, you know, that hadn’t occurred to me until just this minute – but maybe so!

I currently have a real case of spring fever and it’s spilling over into my jewelry-making. I just finished a necklace – a choker, really. It drapes so nicely – I may not be able to part with it. (I hate when that happens! LOL) It does remind me of a spring bouquet!

Next, I have earrings. The purple tones and the sheen of the pearls could be compared to violets in the morning dew, don’t you think?

And finally . . . we’ve certainly waited patiently enough for the bleak winter landscape to awaken in shades of green! Before we know it, the leaves will be bursting and this next piece, a pendant, showcases lots of spring greens (or was I subconsciously thinking about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day?).  😉

Do you have Spring fever, too?



Little Things Mean A Lot

It’s important to practice what you preach . . .

Don’t you agree? 😉

If you’ve been visiting here for a while, you know that good ole Crystal (me!) passionately believes it’s crucial to carve out a little time on a regular basis to create something . . . anything.

It doesn’t matter how well your “art” project turns out, it’s the process that counts.

Wait… You say you don’t have a creative bone in your body? Well then, you must do something else that’s pleasurable and captures your full attention. Read a book; watch a movie; make a new recipe, work in your garden; or listen intently to your favorite music!

Spending an hour or so “lost” in this type of activity will help lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress level, and most important of all – will bring you to a state of calm relaxation, which can have a powerful effect on your physical well-being. You truly owe it to yourself, not to mention those who love you (me included!).

Ok, Crystal. Enough talk.
What have you done lately to keep yourself in tip-top shape?

Glad you asked! 😉
Well, there was this woven pendant . . .

Swarovski crystals in my favorite color combo – amethyst purple and olivine green aurora borealis!

Then, inspired by the autumn chill, I grabbed some warm browns along with golden topaz, and made these earrings. When they were finished, they somehow reminded me of one of my favorite paintings by Edward Hopper, “Automat“. Love the mystery in that scene.

And finally, I have a light sapphire blue with purple.

What can I say? Those purple beads just keep jumping into my hands. Really!