Beauty and the Beast

Well, I’ll start with the “beast” . . .

Here in New England, we’re in line to be hit by Hurricane Sandy, a huge storm beginning late Sunday and running through Tuesday. They’re calling it a tropical cyclone and it will bring high winds, flooding, and large areas of power outages.

So, we’ve stocked up on water, batteries, and food that doesn’t need to be cooked. We also filled zip-lock bags with water and they’re freezing in our freezer as I type. That tip was new to me, but I think it’s brilliant. It will give us lots of extra ice to help keep things from spoiling in the fridge should we lose electricity.

Wish us luck! And best wishes to everyone in the path of this storm, which meteorologists have dubbed “Frankenstorm” – both for its ferocity and its proximity to Halloween.


For the “beauty”, here’s a pendant I finished this week. I considered just putting it on a black cord but then decided to make a little necklace to set it off.

The pendant itself is created with a needle and beading thread – utilizing a method called “beadweaving”. I chose a glittering Swarovski rivoli crystal in Tanzanite as the focal point, and surrounded it with a frame of tiny glass seed beads.

Below is a look at the back of the piece to illustrate how the stone actually sits in a basket of seed beads.

I know. I used purple . . . again.

I have no defense.

Is there a support group for purple lovers? 😉




Beauty and the Beast — 7 Comments

  1. We don’t need a support group!! Just enjoy it and wait for it to be the color of the year as decreed by Pantone so we can see more on the racks! The other day I saw a Periwinkle car. Periwinkle is my very most fav shade..not purple…not blue. No matter what it is, if its Periwinkle, I buy it. Good thing that car wasn’t on a car lot for sale!!

    Its hard to believe that a storm can be that all encompassing. I read an article last year that with the effects of global warming, we will see much large and more severe storms in the coming years. Terry says its the Mayan calendar. I tell him if that’s true, lets go look for a periwinkle car….

    Much love
    be safe

  2. Hey there, Carol!
    It’s just before 10:00 am and we still have power here – so I’m replying to your comment immediately!

    LOL! You crack me up, Girl. 🙂
    “Terry says its the Mayan calendar. I tell him if that’s true, lets go look for a periwinkle car….”

    I love periwinkle too, though. Regarding the weather, this is the second year in a row we’ve had such a severe hurricane track so close to us. It sure does make me wonder what’s going on in the atmosphere. Scary!
    Love ya back! xo

  3. To everyone in the storm’s path, my thoughts are with you. I hope all of you stay safe and sound. This has been a crazy weather year, with high summer temps, drought, and now huge storms.
    I love the purple, especially the stone in the middle. This will look great on a winter sweater.

    Artie and Kouga had a blast trick or treating at the dog bakery. The Harley dealer held a costume contest in conjunction with a rescue fundraiser. Artie won the most creative costume. It was his first Halloween with us and he didn’t mind wearing a costume at all. I will send Crystal a photo of him.

  4. Thankfully, no hurricane here but we did have extreme high winds and two power outages. No electricity for one and half days. Computer died and had to take it in for repair. It was over five days before I could get on line.

    Glad you guys are all safe.

    Beautiful necklace. Love how you beaded the rivoli. I love purple too. Didn’t years ago but after seeing all that you do with it, how could I not!!

  5. We just caught the edge of the wind and rain up here in Canada,i hope you and yours are ok.The barometric pressure sure made me feel physically ill for a few days though so thats how powerful it was.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I know what you mean about the barometric pressure!
    In the last few years – especially – I notice I am increasingly bothered by it, too.
    Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  7. Hello my sweet friend! I love love love your necklace!!! I should send my rivolis to you so you can make them beautiful like the one in your necklace. 😉 And yes, they are purple, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a purple addict. 😀

    I’m glad you were able to stock up for Sandy. You and sir beads have been heavily on my mind, along with my nephew in Delaware and more friends in the hurrican path. My heart goes out to everyone. Big HUGS to you!
    (off to comment on your newest post)

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