You’re Worth It

Isn’t it a shame that we sometimes get so busy; we don’t take the time to treat ourselves well?

Carpe diem and all that stuff . . .

What on earth are you talking about Crystal? (You ask.) 😉

Well, I have this lovely little collection of bone china teacups, cake plates and even a few teapots. I’ve collected them one piece here and another piece there, for years. It’s not a matchy-matchy set, which is what I love most about it. I can’t set the table with the same dishes for each person but that’s ok! It means I can enjoy a whole array of pretty designs all at same time!

Very nice, but what’s the problem?

Ok, what I’m saying is that I often find myself settling for my plain old everyday dishes instead – because it’s easier. The bone china has to be washed by hand and most days I’m looking for shortcuts in the kitchen.

But this week, I made Irish bread and it’s especially wonderful fresh from the oven with a cup of tea.

As I was about to set the table I suddenly thought: “No, wait! Use the china!”

So, I grabbed a favorite teapot –

and the roses dessert set for me –

and the forget-me-nots for Sir Beads –

What a delight it is to spoil yourself a little, to make things special. You can actually feel the stress just melting away . . . 🙂


I think we should all make a little note to stick on the refrigerator. The message should read:

Take the time to make things special.

You are worth it! 😀