You’re Worth It

Isn’t it a shame that we sometimes get so busy; we don’t take the time to treat ourselves well?

Carpe diem and all that stuff . . .

What on earth are you talking about Crystal? (You ask.) 😉

Well, I have this lovely little collection of bone china teacups, cake plates and even a few teapots. I’ve collected them one piece here and another piece there, for years. It’s not a matchy-matchy set, which is what I love most about it. I can’t set the table with the same dishes for each person but that’s ok! It means I can enjoy a whole array of pretty designs all at same time!

Very nice, but what’s the problem?

Ok, what I’m saying is that I often find myself settling for my plain old everyday dishes instead – because it’s easier. The bone china has to be washed by hand and most days I’m looking for shortcuts in the kitchen.

But this week, I made Irish bread and it’s especially wonderful fresh from the oven with a cup of tea.

As I was about to set the table I suddenly thought: “No, wait! Use the china!”

So, I grabbed a favorite teapot –

and the roses dessert set for me –

and the forget-me-nots for Sir Beads –

What a delight it is to spoil yourself a little, to make things special. You can actually feel the stress just melting away . . . 🙂


I think we should all make a little note to stick on the refrigerator. The message should read:

Take the time to make things special.

You are worth it! 😀




You’re Worth It — 8 Comments

  1. As women we tend to think of everyone else before ourselves, but we need to take care of ourselves so we can continue to do all the we do. I have been taking some time for myself even if it is only a cup of tea and a few chapters of book, or entering some of the online contests. I agree with you, use the fine china.
    Your fine china looks so pretty and the Irish soda bread looks great too. I need to get moving and make us some, especially since my tea was delivered today. It was a rainy, cold dreary day all day today and my raspberry tea was my sunshine in a cup today.
    I wishing everyone a warm spring day, today.

  2. Note on my fridge says: If your happy, go shopping. If your sad, go shopping. If your busy, go shopping.
    As you can see shopping is my therapy!

  3. oh yes beautiful things should be used,after all thats what they were designed for 🙂

  4. Hi Michelle,
    You’ve mentioned you grew up in England. Now that’s where the most beautiful bone china comes from! My favorite pieces were made there. 😀

  5. Crissie, you are so right. Why do we “save” our special things! I recently got my fiesta ware out for everyday use. Well, its not china, but I absolutely love it and the color and cheer it adds to the table. It makes ME happy.

    Happy tomorrow, or today, if you read this tomorrow!!

  6. Oh, Carol, fiestaware is right up my alley!!!! I love how bright and cheerful and retro it is!!! It must be so much fun to use!!! 😀

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