Some Days You’re The Statue

You know what they say…. Some days you’re the pigeon; some days you’re the statue.

I’m writing this on Thursday night and today I was definitely the statue.

I had the feeling it was going be an interesting day when, early on, I knocked over my cup of tea. In what seemed like slow motion, it traveled to the floor – splashing like a tidal wave – leaving tea on the wall, the table, the lamp, my upholstered chair, and the rug! Ay yi yi – talk about a mess.

The day continued with a series of little mishaps (I won’t bore you with the list) and it culminated in a very tough battle with a nasty computer virus that had me against the ropes for several hours. I think I’ve finally cleared it . . . but, at this point, all I want to do is put my cheek here on the keyboard and go to sleep. Thank goodness, Sir Beads and I had already planned some fun for this weekend!

All’s well now, and to quote Scarlett O’ Hara: “Tomorrow is another day!” (Gosh I’m glad this one is almost over!) 😉

Happy Weekend, Kids!

Don’t forget to “fall back”!

Hugs and smiles,