She Loves Her Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps – you either love ‘em or hate ‘em.

There seems to be no in-between.


Our daughter LOVES them.

She lives overseas and she can’t find Peeps there.

Last week, we noticed that the Easter Peeps were back on the shelves of our stores. We also saw small “plush” peeps for the first time. We decided it would be fun to send both items to her! 🙂


I don’t know if you do much shipping to Europe. The priority mail flat rate box costs $13.45, which seems pretty expensive for the size of it, but money is no object when you want to surprise your kid with something she likes, right? 😉 We figured that one sleeve of candy peeps and the little plush peep could ride together in that flat rate box, and we were excited at the thought of our daughter opening it!

The Best Laid Plans . . .


We didn’t actually have a flat rate box at home. No problem though; we’d just wrap up the candy and the chick and make a mailing label. Sir Beads would get a box at the post office, pop the items in, and the package would be on the way. It sounded like a good plan but . . .

Have you ever made a cross-country trip with your family in a very crowded car? You know – a trip that leaves you all rumpled and in desperate need of a comb when it’s over?


Well, we’re afraid the plush peep may be limping and woozy once he is sprung from his cardboard traveling vehicle. Sir Beads said legroom was pretty scarce with that sleeve of marshmallow peeps in the way. He barely got the box closed. Thank heaven for good tape. (The next size flat rate priority box would have cost a whopping $43.45 – way too much to mail just a few dollars worth of items.)

So now, we’re crossing our fingers that our daughter can perform some sort of resuscitation on the little fella. Maybe a session with the hairdryer on low, or a few strokes with a soft hairbrush. I’ll let you know!


In the meantime, if you love Peeps, they have a website that’s a Disney-esque paradise of color and excitement! You can tour the factory, read about their history, find craft ideas, even recipes! Click here to see it.