Ornaments to Make: ‘Santa’s Slipper’

The days are flying by but there’s still time to make a few Christmas ornaments – especially if they’re quick and easy!

Here’s a little slipper that looks really cute on the tree, and you can even make a pink or a blue version that would be adorable for Baby’s 1st Christmas!


If sewing isn’t your thing – never fear! You can use glue, instead. Make a few and use them to decorate your packages, or present one with a plate of homemade cookies. Your lucky recipient will have a wonderful handmade keepsake, and will think of you every year as it’s placed on the tree!

~ Instructions ~

Sew or Glue – it’s up to you! Both methods are given below.

Materials Needed:
1 square red felt
1 square white felt
scrap of green felt
Red sequins for “berries”
fishing line or embroidery floss for hanger
tacky glue


NOTE: Read through all directions before beginning.

1. Trace all patterns and cut out as directed on the pattern pieces. You’ll find full-size patterns by clicking on the “santas-slipper-pattern” link at the bottom of this post.

2. Place a line of glue around outer edges of one slipper sole – except for the area between #1 and #2 shown on the pattern piece – and then place the second slipper sole on top of the first; allow the glue to dry. If you prefer to sew: Use a whip stitch to sew the two sole pieces together – except for the area between #1 and #2 (shown on the pattern piece).

3. After the glue has dried or you have finished sewing the soles together, stuff lightly and glue or sew the opening closed.

4. Place a thin line of glue on the sole of the slipper between #3 and #4 and glue the slipper top to the sole — matching edges carefully. The top will have a rounded effect as if to fit a foot. If you prefer to sew: Use a backstitch in contrasting thread to attach the top of the slipper to the sole, matching edges carefully to create a rounded slipper top.

6. Glue holly leaves & “berries” as shown.

7. Attach a hanging loop of fishing line (or embroidery thread) to the heel end of the slipper.

For full-size pattern pieces, click the link below: