The Bus Leaves Any Minute

Happy Wednesday, Kids!!!
It’s been almost a month since the holiday festivities, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little retail therapy. 😉

Yep, you guessed it – we’re going shopping!!!!

The bus is all warmed-up, the snacks are packed, and guess who’s driving?

Sir Beads has volunteered!!! 😀

He says he’ll make as many stops as we like, and he doesn’t care what time we get back.

So, is everyone here? Well then, All Aboard.

First stop – etsy. . . .


Upcycled Cowl Scarf

Isn’t this fabulous? Can you believe it’s made with recycled t-shirts? So very chic and the silver pin is the perfect finishing touch. From modernshadesofgrey


Teeny Tiny Crocheted Turtle

Oh my goodness! I am a crocheter but this little fella is tiny! It must take incredible talent and patience to create him. Talk about a miniature work of art! From pasubio9


Recycled Paper Beads

These very cool beads are made from a vintage book entitled “Un tribut a la race acadienne” written in 1928 by a Montreal Canadian. Each bead has the beautiful patina of vintage paper. They’d be wonderful mixed with some silver beads in a chunky-style bracelet! How fun to create art and save the earth – all at the same time! From 42things


Baby Ballet Booties

Talk about adorable! These tiny “ballet slippers” are crocheted using 100% organic un-dyed cotton yarn. Available in 4 sizes: Preemie-Newborn up to 9 months. Treat a little ballerina you know! From JennOzkan


Chocolate Cake Made of Felt!

One look at this miniature (6-inch!) cake and I’m feeling hungry. Beautifully created from felt, this playful Chocolate Icing Tea Party Cake has 4 segments – decorated with lots of Strawberries, Wafer Sticks and Creams. Great item for those afternoon tea parties – and no calories! 🙂 From onenonly88

Oh-oh! We’ve been gone for hours. I suppose we should think about heading back to the bus. Did anyone remember to pick up a sandwich for Sir Beads? He’s probably starving by now. Ah, no worries! I see he has a half empty pizza box there, near the driver’s seat. 😉


Hope you had fun! I know I had a ball spending time with all of you!

Be sure to visit the shops of the amazing etsy artists featured here today.