What’s the good word?

Whether you blog, read blogs, or simply like to frequent the social media sites, by now you’ve probably noticed that the Internet is awash with people choosing a 2014 focus “word”.


Thinking caps are getting quite a workout as people mull over their options. Some might say it’s not easy to select a one-word mantra. I would agree.

It seems to me there’s a need for multiple inspirational buzzwords in any given year . . . but I’ll play along anyway, and choose just one!


Maybe it’s because I’m an oldest child – you know birth order and all that stuff – but I’ve always been quite serious. Let me hasten to add that I do have a sense of humor and love to laugh, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m more likely to view new situations in a thoughtful – almost solemn – fashion, than by searching for the humor in them.

This epiphany has brought me to my 2014 word, laughter . . .

I firmly resolve to look for it, engage in it, and share it with others –
as often as possible!!! 😀


How about you?
How do you feel about choosing a “word” for 2014?



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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