Breakfast of Champions

You probably remember I mentioned I’m not very good about eating breakfast on Monday through Friday.

I am however a big fan of breakfast on the weekend! We usually sleep a little later then, especially on Saturdays, and are often ravenous by the time we get to the table. There’s more time to be leisurely about it so we like a hot meal – there’s no cereal on weekends (just like there’s no crying in baseball!). 😉

This Saturday, we had one of my favorite things . . . home fries!!! YUMMY!!!!

I must admit I’ve never met a potato I didn’t love. Ask me to choose between cake and potatoes and there is no contest. The spuds win hands down.

Don’t these look good???

Just potatoes, onions, salt, pepper and a little butter for cooking them. The kitchen smelled wonderful! Luckily, there are still leftovers!

What are home fries without eggs?

(Don’t worry; this is when they first hit the pan. They will be cooked longer; we like them “over easy”.)

Every once and a while, we have steak with our eggs. This was one of those days.

The little meat thermometers work like a charm.

The eggs were cooked in the steak drippings for extra flavor. And with the addition of some lovely, sweet, orange slices, this was more brunch than breakfast. It sure was delicious! 😀


What do you like to make for your weekend breakfasts?