Breakfast of Champions

You probably remember I mentioned I’m not very good about eating breakfast on Monday through Friday.

I am however a big fan of breakfast on the weekend! We usually sleep a little later then, especially on Saturdays, and are often ravenous by the time we get to the table. There’s more time to be leisurely about it so we like a hot meal – there’s no cereal on weekends (just like there’s no crying in baseball!). 😉

This Saturday, we had one of my favorite things . . . home fries!!! YUMMY!!!!

I must admit I’ve never met a potato I didn’t love. Ask me to choose between cake and potatoes and there is no contest. The spuds win hands down.

Don’t these look good???

Just potatoes, onions, salt, pepper and a little butter for cooking them. The kitchen smelled wonderful! Luckily, there are still leftovers!

What are home fries without eggs?

(Don’t worry; this is when they first hit the pan. They will be cooked longer; we like them “over easy”.)

Every once and a while, we have steak with our eggs. This was one of those days.

The little meat thermometers work like a charm.

The eggs were cooked in the steak drippings for extra flavor. And with the addition of some lovely, sweet, orange slices, this was more brunch than breakfast. It sure was delicious! 😀


What do you like to make for your weekend breakfasts?




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  1. On Saturday, I usually eat leftovers from Friday night, I’m not a breakfast food person. During the week, I tend to eat an early lunch. On Sunday, I go with my family for brunch, or lunch after church. Your brunch looked so good, especially on these cold winter days.

    This week we celebrate
    1/10 National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
    1/10 Peculiar People Day & National Clean Off Your Desk Day
    1/11 Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day & National Hot Toddy Day
    1/12 Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

  2. Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day!! That’s MY house EVERYDAY!!

    Thats a pretty big breakfast Crissie! BTO (before teeth out) I would have pigged out on that! ATO…I pass. On the weekend we like to go to a little diner we like for biscuits/potatoes and gravy. Inexpensive and good and I don’t have to cook or dishes. Anyone that’s not up fends for themselves when they rise, so its usually Terry, Corey and me.

    Well, I’m off to wake the boys and cope with snow.
    You all have a great day.

  3. OMG!! Another reason why you are tops in my book!!


    Baked, mashed, boiled, fried, diced, curled, waffled, even sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie. BUT especially home fries. With onions and butter. I also add chopped green pepper. Sometimes sliced mushrooms. I made a skillet full a few days ago. I dump hot sauce and ketsup on mine.

    Hubby likes potatoes but not for breakfast. Which is great by me. I get to eat the leftovers.

    Now I am hungry. Thanks a lot, Crystal. 😀

  4. Breakfast? Hummmm … during the week – maybe cereal or a bagel. Week ends – same or pie or cake if there’s any around. If the grand kids are here – then eggs, bacon and maybe a waffle.

    Boy, I think I’ll celebrate the Hot Toddy Day. Thanks Kelly Ann.

  5. Yep!! And to think, I married a potato pooper.

    When I was a young bride, I fixed green beans like my mother made them. I cut up the potatoes into bite sized chunks, boiled them. In a separate pan, I cooked green beans with bacon bits. Then when done, I combined the two.

    Hubby asked me why I fixed it that way. I said cause that’s what my mom did. Now… I just don’t combine them in the pot. But I do on MY PLATE!!

  6. ahh the dream breakfast is from my British childhood,what they call a mixed grill.Eggs,sausage,bacon and black pudding with the best way to have tomatoes..halved and grilled yum!

    You had to go and make me hungry when im supposed to be being good and dieting lol…

  7. Sounds delish, Michelle! Sorry I made you hungry. 🙂
    I have had a similar version of the breakfast you describe when I visited Ireland. There (as you probably know!) they call it “Full Irish Breakfast”. Because it was so hearty, it kept us going until dinner time – with no lunch needed, just a small snack. The breakfast was included with our lodging fees and was a great way to stretch the budget for meals while on vacation without ever feeling hungry!

  8. Donna,
    Potatoes and veggies, veggies and potatoes – THE BEST! 😀

    You’re talkin’ my language there, Lady! 😉

    And I can imagine the bacon bits add a great flavor!

    How long until dinner? Now I’m hungry…. again!

  9. OMG, now you’ve done it! My mouth is in full salivation mode. Isn’t that disgusting! 😉 Potatoes, glorious potatoes…and fried with butter and a little onion…oh be still my heart!…and eggs too! These are some of my favorite foods, Crystal!!!
    Now don’t think I’m strange, this it’s an Italian thing…if you take those potatoes, whisk up about half dozen eggs, turn up the heat and throw them in, and then give it all a few good turns so the eggs scramble with the potatoes, you’ll have “potatoes and eggs”, a family favorite that we eat on a loaf of Italian bread like a sandwich, usually for lunch or a quickie dinner…with a little ketchup. YUMMY! Now I’m starving! See what you did with this delicious post, Sweetie Pie! 😉 xoxo Paulette

  10. I got so excited about the food, I forgot to say how much I love your new look!!!! Beautiful job, Crystal! xoxo Paulette

  11. Oh man, why wasn’t I home LAST weekend? My mouth is absolutely watering at these photos. Is it lunchtime yet? 😉

    Crystal says: Hi Sweetie Pie,
    We’ll have this the next time you are home!! 🙂

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