Show and Tell Tuesday

Many of you remember that last week I asked if you’d send in a photo to share with the rest of us.

Well, I’ve received a few already and this is going to be fun! Welcome to the first installment of Show and Tell Tuesday! My plan is to post the photos on Tuesdays, in the order I receive them. 😀

This week, we have Donna’s (don_mae) very impressive collection of Gucci bags! I’ll let her tell you about it . . .

“This is over 25 years of buying.

I never saw a Gucci piece that I didn’t like and had to have. At first I was addicted to the brown pattern.

Then when the navy pattern came out, I bought even the SAME pieces I already had in brown. I was hopelessly addicted. My favorites are the train cases. Have them in brown and also navy.

After buying about half of this stuff, I told hubby not to worry. That I was just “adding to my investment – my 401G”. 😉

But, I now have my addiction under control. Retirement and being on a fixed income will do that. In 4 years I have only added these items.

And I have to tell you, I spent about 20 minutes looking around eBay yesterday for any Gucci vintage items that looked interesting. Thankfully I didn’t find any. Whew!!

Well, there you have it. Maybe I could open my own Gucci store.”


Thank you so much, Donna! It’s easy to see that your years of collecting have given you a lot of joy, and how nice that it was an investment, as well! 😀


More pictures next Tuesday! If you haven’t already, please send yours, too.