What’s in YOUR Purse


Do you remember this old game show?

“Let’s Make A Deal” was a daytime TV staple. I’ve heard that it’s back now, but I haven’t seen it since those early days.

It really was fun though – bursting with energy and excitement. The host would go into the studio audience and offer money to anyone who could instantly produce an unlikely item, such as a roll of quarters or a can opener. Giddy women with large purses, chock full of stuff, would feverishly rummage through their bags and, more often than not, one of them would triumphantly wave the item in the air.

I used to carry a purse like that – but no more.

Now I’ve switched to a small pocketbook that fits the necessities and NOTHING else. My shoulders have thanked me. 😉

I dumped it out and here are the contents . . .


At first, I thought I’d miss the “knapsack” I used to lug around, but I must say that I really do not! I still have some larger purses in the closet that could be pressed into service for a long trip, but for everyday – a small bag rules!

phonecharmJust thought I’d show a close-up picture of my little cell phone charm. It’s a “lucky cat”, made by etsy artist, kayo2007

What’s in your purse?

Is there a can opener by any chance? 😉

‘Til next time,