Sleep Deprivation

The sound you hear is me yawning . . .

Not much sleep last night . . . new pillow.


Is it me, or is it hard to get used to a new pillow?

We seem to have a heck of a time finding one that is really comfortable. We buy them with high hopes they’ll be great – but then quickly discover they’re either too hard or too soft when we actually sleep on them for the first time.


The ones that turn out to be too soft never get any better and we’re simply stuck with them. Those that turn out to be too hard do eventually get broken-in and become more comfortable, but it usually takes a while for this to happen.

Once it does; there are some blissful weeks of restful sleeping! The weeks fly by though, and suddenly you crawl into bed one night and notice that the pillows seem to be getting awfully flat! Soooo, the hunt for new pillows begins – all over again!

At this moment, we’re in the “bought a new pillow a couple of days ago and it’s too hard” – stage of things. It can make you grumpy as a bear and also make you wish that, like Goldilocks, you could easily buy one that is “just right”! 😉

Do you find that pillow shopping can be tough?