Sleep Deprivation

The sound you hear is me yawning . . .

Not much sleep last night . . . new pillow.


Is it me, or is it hard to get used to a new pillow?

We seem to have a heck of a time finding one that is really comfortable. We buy them with high hopes they’ll be great – but then quickly discover they’re either too hard or too soft when we actually sleep on them for the first time.


The ones that turn out to be too soft never get any better and we’re simply stuck with them. Those that turn out to be too hard do eventually get broken-in and become more comfortable, but it usually takes a while for this to happen.

Once it does; there are some blissful weeks of restful sleeping! The weeks fly by though, and suddenly you crawl into bed one night and notice that the pillows seem to be getting awfully flat! Soooo, the hunt for new pillows begins – all over again!

At this moment, we’re in the “bought a new pillow a couple of days ago and it’s too hard” – stage of things. It can make you grumpy as a bear and also make you wish that, like Goldilocks, you could easily buy one that is “just right”! 😉

Do you find that pillow shopping can be tough?



Sleep Deprivation — 12 Comments

  1. Nope! I love a feather pillow. I have owned 2 in 37 years. The first one I had restuffed at the dry cleaner. When I get into bed I smash in the sides, tuck it between my bent arm and my head and I am out in an instant. I like to sleep under a feather blanket in the winter also. Super warm, but not heavy. I have a favorite quilt too. When I was hospitalized with pneumonia a few years ago and took the quilt to the emergency room with me and we were admitted together. Shoulda had em bring my pillow in. Actually, I like change. Just now when it comes to certain things….well a lot of things…but I like to move the furniture…..

    BTW, I love my bookmark that I won in a weekly drawing here. However, I have been informed by my friend in So. California that it is a Book Thong and they are very big out there. Book Thong….give an old standby a new name and ramp it up a little and everyone wants one!! Mine is beautiful and I love it.

  2. Absolutely! I am using a down-filled pillow that needs more down with one of those too flattened pillows under it. It’s not the best solution but the new pillow I bought was giving me pains in the neck and down my arm. It felt so soft on my head but I couldn’t take the neck pain so I went back to my other set up that tends to make my head hurt. Either way, a good night’s sleep is elusive.

    Good luck on getting used to your new pillows.

  3. I sure understand this! My boyfriend can not at all find a good pillow!He has as many pillows as I do shoes. lol He bought one of those pillows -(I can’t remember the name)Its square and is a foam pillow. He was so excited and thought this was the one! Well it wasn’t the one. So he going to start all over again. Maybe he will have better luck next time.I on the other hand, have to have to 2 pillows in case one falls in the floor because I toss and turn all night. thanks

  4. It’s definitely hard to get used to a new pillow!

    I try to get around this by putting soft, flat pillows on top of hard pillows! It doesn’t always work, but it works more often than buying new ones! My fiance has decided that a really flat body pillow doubled in half is the solution, but I don’t quite buy that one.

  5. CRAZY, I tried to break in a new pillow last night too! It is a down pillow but way too full of feathers. My old one is just right so I am going to buy a new pillow protector and stick to my old favorite. Another solution would be to set a few feathers free and sew it back up. I probably can’t return it now because I took that blasted “Do not remove under penalty of law” label!!! See you in court!

    Crystal says: LOL, here! 🙂

  6. I used to sleep on a PILE of pillows and always seemed to have pain in my neck. It wasn’t until removing all but two that the pain went away. I guess laying flatter was better for me than being up high. It takes a while for me to get used to new pillows.

  7. Yes. My grandmother has these pillows she bought about ten years ago that are DIVINE……

    I wish I could find the same ones she has. She says they were as soft as they are now the very day she bought them:)

  8. I have sleep problems all the time…no matter what pillow I use, but have to say that the worst pillows I’ve ever slept on are at my mom’s house. I have to guess that her pillows are all at least 30 years old (not kidding here) and they are as hard as rocks. My sister hates them so much that she finally bought two new pillows for the guest bed at my mom’s house and is giving them to her as a mothers day gift! Now why didn’t I think of that?!

  9. I think i have never found my perfect pillow… it’s very difficult. It should be possible to try it at home and return it to the shop if you are not convinced… It’s like sofas… You think it’s perfect in the shop, but when it arrived home this isn’t… 🙁 Luckily, my second sofa is enough comfortable, but not the first…

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