Public Service Announcement

I know better!

You know better!

Apparently that is not enough sometimes . . .

Do not throw a pair of fuzzy socks into the washer with the dark clothes!!!!

Not “just this once”

Not EVER!!!

I will plead exhaustion on this, but I got a whole lot more tired having to de-lint the rest of the load. Whew!

That is all. 😉



Friday Favorites

Funny how a boring chore can send your mind wandering . . .

I was dusting (only because I have to!) and a series of old “housework” sayings began to whirl around in my head. You know, the kind you’ve seen on magnets, or cross stitch samplers, or heard as jokes. Thinking of them made me laugh, and also realize that if you have to do chores – you might as well be amused in the process. 😉

Are you familiar with these?

*Dust experiment in progress. Please do not move the samples.

*If you come to see me, come anytime. If you come to see my house, make an appointment!!! (This one is my favorite!)

*You may touch the dust, but please do not write your name in it.

And here’s a joke from my childhood . . .

In Sunday school, Johnny learned that the Lord once said: “Remember man that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.” A week or so after that lesson, Johnny’s Mom was startled to hear him frantically calling for her to come up to his bedroom and check under his bed. When she arrived, he whispered nervously: “Look Mom, somebody is either coming or going under there!


Have a super-duper weekend, Sweet Kids!

Hugs and smiles,