Milestones . . .

I can hardly believe that this is my 400th post.

And in another few weeks, I will have been writing this blog for exactly two years. Who would have thought I had so much to say?

Don’t answer that! 😉

For the first few months, I posted weekly, but before long, I began to post Monday through Friday, and have kept up that pace ever since.

In the beginning, I really struggled to find my blog “voice”. I worried that I sounded too much like a “professor”, or too formal. I wanted to use humor, but was afraid I’d sound silly. I wondered whether I should write on many different topics or stick to a theme? Back then, it quickly became apparent to me, that there was a learning curve to this blog stuff.

After I’d been writing for several months, a new commenter arrived on the scene. It was January 1, 2009. Her comment was very kind:

“Glad I found your blog. I am on my way to see your shop!! I LOVE cabs.”

Little did I know that this lady would be with me every day from that moment on. Each morning when I’d sign onto the blog, her comment was waiting. She became my barometer for measuring how I was doing with my posts. If she liked it, or she laughed, or she said the post touched her – then I knew I was making progress.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know her too . . .

I’d like to dedicate this 400th post to Carol. 😀

Because she has been commenting on every post for 18 months, I fear that, on some level, I take her for granted. Of course, I do NOT mean to, but I’ve become spoiled. It’s like when you turn on the TV in the morning – you expect to see the Today Show. Well, when I sign into the blog each day – Carol’s comment is waiting. It has become part of the day!

Thank you, Dear Carol . . . for your friendship, advice, sense of humor, and very kind heart. I’ve told you before, but it was your consistent support during my earliest days of blogging, that helped me to push forward and have the confidence to keep at it. You’ve made an immeasurable contribution here. Love ya so much! 😀