Can We Talk?

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been thinking about new ideas for the weekly giveaway! 😀


Some have asked me why I have a giveaway every week. Well… I do it as a way for people to find this little blog among the countless others out there in cyberspace.


Most of my regular readers first came here to enter a giveaway, and then returned time and time again. I’ve met many warm and wonderful people who have genuinely enriched my life. And along the way, I’ve also discovered that I truly enjoy the chance to brighten someone’s day by telling her she won for the week and then sending her the prize. It’s been a delight to have the opportunity to communicate with winners around the world – most of whom I never would have had the chance to meet had it not been for my giveaways.

redmittens If you are a new reader – welcome!
If you’re a regular reader, you know that for the past year, on every Monday, I’ve asked a couple of questions which could be answered for chances to enter the giveaway. Many of you have mentioned that it’s fun to answer those questions and that you like to see how other readers will answer them, as well.

But, to quote the old saying, “Variety is the spice of life”. So, would you mind expressing your thoughts on some of the following ideas I’ve been considering as ways to add more fun to the giveaway contests?


1. Should we keep the weekly questions for some weeks and then think of another way to enter for the other weeks?

2. Instead of 1 prize per week, do you wish there were 2 or 3 prizes so it might give you a better chance to win? For example, instead of one pair of earrings or a necklace with all sterling silver findings and rare vintage beads, would it be better to have 2 or 3 items with silver-plated findings and less rare (but still high quality) beads, sometimes?

3. Would you like the weekly prize to be a colorful assortment of beads from time to time?

4. Would you enjoy a gift certificate to my bead shop as a prize?

5. Would you be interested in creating a design with free beads that I would send to you – with the condition that you make something with them within one week, and then email me a photo of your creation to post on the blog?

6. Would you be further enticed to do #5 if after the photos came in, we all voted on the best design for that week, and that person got a $25.00 gift certificate to spend in my bead shop?

7. In general, do you like the random winner every week or would you think it was fun to have the winner be chosen based on the best comment for that week? Or someone who guessed the right answer to a question?


So, what do you think? All input is welcome. If you have an additional idea, please suggest it!

I’m looking forward to your opinions. 🙂



Can We Talk? — 15 Comments

  1. Hello!
    I just found your wonderful blog! Where have I been! Great questions!

    1. I like the idea of weekly giveaways! It will definitely remind me to comeback and visit your site and once I visit a site a few times I usually remember to visit regularly.
    2. I love the idea that there might be 2 or 3 winners and if the prize is not as valuable it doesn’t matter as something treasured and loved isn’t always a monetary value.
    3. I like the idea of a assortment of beads from time to time as this gives people the creativity to come up with some designs and show them off to you too! But also keeping the other items for those that are artistically challenged! Like me when it comes to some things crafty!
    4. Coupons are great too as it gives people a choice of what they would like.
    5. The creating a design is a great idea! It would be something that people would love and I would love to see 🙂
    6. I like the idea of the voucher but I am not a huge fan of voting, maybe just a pick out of the hat.
    7. I like random drawings as it gives everyone a fair chance.

    *The only other thing that might be nice would be good is if you do win – you then can’t win for a period of time, so giving other people a chance to win, obviously I don’t want you to lose your followers but it is nice to think that the love is shared around 🙂 I saw a website once state that if you have won their product anywhere in the last 6 months that you can’t win again, which I can understand as you want your product to get out to as many people as possible. 6 months is long but maybe a twist on this or something.

  2. Sorry, Crissie
    You may have thought I would be a help to you on this one, but I am eliminating myself from commenting on your options. I understand your marketing.

    I am not sure if I came here for the giveaway the first time I stopped by. But I come back everytime I see a post in my blog roll because I enjoy what you are doing here. I get to talk, and you know by now that I usually have a lot to say. Your blog is not the typical kind that you find some venders posting. You know the kind, always focusing on their work and linking over to their etsy shop as a direct link of where to buy. You never even know if they read your comments. I go to theirs because I am nosey and I want to view their latest creation.

    I come here because its like home. Like having a cup of coffee with a friend in the morning. So, change however you want, except keep the questions. I need to talk. Silently talking in the morning on the keyboard gets me revved up to the rest of the morning, just like warming the car up in the morning.

    Much Love to you, friend.

  3. 1. I like the weekly questions.
    2. I think sometimes you could put a choice of say 3 items, the first winner gets first choice, second one gets the second choice, etc. But not every week.
    3. I don’t create – so this prize wouldn’t interest me but I’m sure some would love it.
    4. A GC sometimes would be fun.
    5. No, but I’m sure some creative ones out there would love this.
    6. Doubtful
    7. I like the random winner to be selected.

  4. Hee! I think I’m one of the regulars! And I totally found the blog through the giveaways. I find most of my blog friends through giveaways, because in my experience, people who host giveaways tend to be smart, involved, dedicated bloggers well worth following. So, my opinions here…

    1. Whatever else happens, please keep the weekly questions! I love the weekly questions, they’re my little moment of zen! And surely it’s fun to see all the answers?

    2. I think anything you make would be fantastic! I just don’t want you beading yourself into bankruptcy. But, heh, I think my odds of winning are pretty good.

    3. Oh yes, that could be very fun!

    4. Certainly! Shopping spree is ALWAYS fun!

    5. I would LOVE such a beady challenge, but I fear my health prevents me from being sure I could fulfill it in time. I’d try! But I’d hate to disappoint you.
    Also, I don’t know anything about beading. So that’s an issue. I’d love to learn, though!

    6. Well, a prize is always nice, but honestly, I’d be happy just to play along with the challenge!

    7. I like the randomosity. Choosing the “best” comment, well…how would you decide what’s “best”? It would start to feel like a competition. It may be unAmerican of me, but I don’t like to be in a competition. I just wanna play!

    I do think Kym’s got a good idea with the time limit on repeat winners. With weekly giveaways, maybe you could say “one month”? Or at least a couple weeks, I know I’d feel weird if I went on a winning streak. Not upset, exactly, but I’d start expecting reciprocatory anvils from fate.

    Whatever you do, I bet it will be fun!

  5. I found this blog through Carol’s blogroll. Interesting questions, but since I am new here, I won’t comment on them. Just going to look around. Thanks for the information.


  6. 1. Whatever you decide is fine, but I really like the weekly questions. I think you should keep them.

    2. I think more prizes per week would be fine, but really, if I won, I’d rather win something nicer than one of three kinda-nice prizes, if that makes sense.

    3. Whatever you think! Im not a beader at all, but the beads you use are gorgeous, and other beaders would probably really enjoy this.

    4. I think a GC is ok, but I think I’d be more likely to enter to win a specific something. But I think other people may be more inclined to GC’s.

    5. I wouldnt, but that’s cuz I havent the first clue about beading…

    6. That does sound fun.

    7. I prefer the randomness. It’s the fairest, I think..

  7. Brand new here. I’d like to see more prizes. The excitement of reading “you’ve won” is great. I personally would like to see less ways of entering. Maybe just the main entry and a 2nd entry for a subscription. Also, I would think checking everything would be so tedius for those who do giveaways.

    Giveaways are great–I’ve seen several new websites since I started about a month ago. Sometimes I find a really “perfect” gift that I never would have found without the giveaway draw to get me in their e-store.

  8. Crystal…I come here not for the wonderful prizes…and they are wonderful, but for you. You are one of the sweetest people I’ve met here in Blogland, always upbeat and with a kind word or two. I love all your posts…and for the life of me, I don’t know how you think of things to write about five days a week that are always so interesting and fun! …I wish I had just a little bit of your talent!

    As far as the questions go, I think your giveaways are always beautiful and it’s so generous of you to do one a week, with the time involved to create such lovely prizes and lets not forget the cost of shipping too. You are the only person I know that does this. xoxo Hugs, Paulette

  9. I love answering your thoughtful questions & reading others’ responses! It is fun & different from many other giveaways & I look forward to seeing a new giveaway each week. Your items are beautiful and something I would always like to win.
    As a non-beader and a person that does not have a creative bone in her body, I do not think I would like to win an assortment of beads. I would not know the 1st thing to do with them! That is not to say other readers would not like this; you have lovely, high quality beads in your store & I’m sure some would be thrilled to win.
    I think sticking with the random route would be best for you. Picking the “best” comment is so subjective & I’m sure it would create hurt feelings, especially with your regulars. One person’s opinion is not necessarily the opinion of someone else!
    All that being said, I love your blog & look forward to reading your posts and answering your giveaway questions.
    Good Luck! Allison

  10. To be truthful, I first came to your blog for the give-aways. Not even sure if I found you from a search or a link from another site. But I enjoyed your style of writing and your warm and friendly personality, so I returned again.. and again.

    OK, now on to the questions.

    1. I enjoy seeing what questions you come up with. I make sure to stop here every Monday just to see.

    2. As a jewelry maker myself, I know the cost of supplies. And with the added cost of postage, it is very generous of you to offer even ONE prize.

    3. An assortment of beads would be great. For the crafty person. Not sure of the mix of your readers. Do-it-yourselfers verses Need Ready Made.

    4. As a past winner of your weekly give-aways, which BTW was a gift certificate, YES to number 4!! I truly enjoyed going on a shopping spree in your Etsy shop. So much to select from. Thank you!!

    5. With so much else going on in my Happy Crafting Room, I wouldn’t wish to commit to my creative juices coming up with something truly unique in such a short time. And what if I wished to gift someone of your beautiful beads? And not make up something.

    6. See #5.

    7. You could use Random Generator and let it pick a comment. That would be the week’s winner. If I win more than once, then Lucky ME!!

    Hope these are helpful. Whatever you do, I’ll be back to see.

  11. Hi, I’m super-new here (and to contests/blogs in general). I’ve been having a blast though checking out new sites.

    1. I’m new to the questions theme to enter. I like it though.

    2. I think it’s always fun to have more prizes, and on the other hand, it’s fun to win those *really cool* items. I like your idea of having a mix.

    3. I would be giddy over winning beads. I haven’t made jewelry in ages, but that would give me the perfect excuse. (I’m a graphic designer by trade.)

    4. Yes, and Yes. 🙂

    5. I would love to make something, but maybe give me 2 weeks. I have a little one. lol

    6. That would be cool.

    7. I like random winner drawings. It seems more fair that way. But I also like scavenger hunts/question type drawings too. Actually I won the cutest tutu a few months ago by being the first to find a hidden image on a website. That was fun.

  12. 1. I think the weekly questions are pretty cool and fun…I bet it genuinely increases your readership because people are interested in seeing what others have to say. The only way I would offer ‘different’ ways to win is if it serves a specific purpose to you and your business, such as building your Facebook or Twitter connections. But don’t abandon the questions…

    2. Who wouldn’t choose multiple giveaways of eye-catching jewelry? I vote more chances to win. Having a rare vintage giveaway once a month or on special occasions could give people something to look forward to.

    3. I would personally love that because I’m interested in jewelry making.

    4. That would be cool.

    5 and 6. Of course – that sounds fun. I’d like to see what happens if you give people the same beads and see all of the different interpretations they come up with. I personally don’t like voting systems – reminds me of popularity contests. Maybe you could have an unbiased party choose the winner.

    7. I think choosing the best comment for the week is limiting to your readers and may affect the nature of your comments. Some people may feel like they have to answer a certain way just to ‘win’ – instead of sharing their true and initial thoughts. Does answering a question right mean ‘first come first served?’ I think random comment generators seem fair enough for all parties involved.

  13. Hmmm, I’m going to reply to your questions!
    1- I’m saying yes for both options, contests, are always fun to resolve.
    2- It’s a good idea, but sometimes you can have big prize now and again, I think I like you, because I adore jewerelly!, lol
    3- Yes, could be fun, now and again
    4- Well, if the item I enjoy from your store covers the gift certificate’s ok for me!
    6- Oh yeah, I like it
    7- Well it’s a hard question, because I always like to have fun, investigate and be original, so you can make a different one each time, but I still like the random thing as well!

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